Why Mobile Gaming Businesses Will Keep Thriving in 2021

Mobile gaming is one of the biggest growth industries in the world, especially in developing economies.

However, with a new dawn on the horizon for many businesses in 2021, will the mobile gaming boom continue as it has in Northern Ireland, or begin a damaging downward spiral?

In this article we argue the former, showing that mobile games and their followers are in it for the long-term.

Accessible to All

The main reason that mobile games of all genres are on the rise is because of just how accessible they are. Most people have no choice but to be tied into phone contracts these days, meaning that virtually every member of the public is walking around with a de facto mini games console on their person.

Another reason that mobile games are thriving, even more than traditional video games, is that they are often cheaper and easier to play than their console and PC counterparts. Many popular titles are free to play on mobile, whereas those playing via other more static means are forced to pay for the privilege.

Finally, there is the fact that more and more countries around the world are bringing down the cost of mobile data, as well as making free Wi-Fi available to the masses, meaning there is no longer a need for people to hang out in dingy internet cafes or to spend hours in Starbucks pretending to be sipping on a stone-cold latte.

With 5G networks only set to expand further, and more mobile providers entering the space by the day, expect this mobile gaming stampede to continue apace.

Mobile gaming

Many mobile devices are now just as capable of playing graphics rich games as consoles and PCs are

Gamers Given Many Reasons to Keep Playing

Playing mobile games used to mean a gamer winning nothing except the knowledge that he or she had beaten a personal best on Snake or completed a particularly difficult level on a pixelated platformer of some variety.

These days players are encouraged to play in all manner of ways, which in turn leads to them playing more often.

One example of this is that all leader boards are now interconnected online so that players can see how their performances stack up against other gamers from around the world, as well as seeing if the jackpot they are chasing has dropped or is still on the rise.

Rewards are also an integral part of incentivising players. This is even the case for classic games, where players can take advantage of bonuses, free spins, and daily jackpots, which act as a thank you for those players who stick with a certain mobile gaming operator rather than jumping ship to their competitors.

This is all great news for mobile gamers, who can play away to their heart’s content and pick and choose which gaming provider to use, selecting specially tailored goodies as they go.

Mobile gaming

There are more and more reasons for mobile gamers to keep on playing

Handheld Devices Becoming the New Games Consoles

If you thought that a mobile phone’s design meant that it would never be as comfortable to play as a games console then think again, because there are now some clever devices that click onto most phones and turn them into lean, mean, gaming machines.

Some of our favourites are the Rotor Riot gaming controller and a similar contraption called the Samsung GLAP, which is the best choice for anyone with a Samsung phone or tablet.

Busy Lifestyles Mean Games Have to be More Mobile Than Ever

It also seems worth mentioning that aside from all the technological advances and clever gamification marketing techniques that are driving the mobile gaming boom, it is also just a fact of life that peoples’ lifestyles are getting more hectic.

This means that games will have to keep up and fit into already packed daily routines. Only mobile games are flexible enough to meet that demand, which is good news for anyone in the industry.

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