Business First Corporate Membership Marketing Packages

Business First guarantees you all the online marketing you need at a low monthly cost.

If your company has big plans to build successful relationships with existing and new customers`: wants to build your profile and extend your reach into the Northern Ireland B2B market, and speak directly with decision-makers – then we would like you to join us as one of our limited number of Corporate Members.

Each of our diverse range of corporate members has one thing in common: you want to build a high profile, successful business in Northern Ireland

By taking full advantage of Business First as an integral part of your marketing & communications strategy, you can reach into the heart of Northern Ireland business every day.

Each one of your editorial contributions to Business First will undergo our rigorous SEO audit to ensure your business is given top priority by Google and other search engines every time. (We use Yoast Premium to ensure your contributions achieve the highest SEO rating available.)

How can you use your Corporate Membership?

  • News items – great profile builders to include changes of personnel, Award wins and business updates.
  • Commentary – we want to hear from you on events of the day. Use us to build your reputation as an Industry Leader.
  • Video & Audio contributions – become a Thought Leader with short and effective audio & video pieces (we can help you with these).
  • Round Tables  – if your company is the best in the sector, create reports and events to show it at its best.
  • Galleries – full picture galleries of all your events – or the events you attend.
  • PLUSpretty much anything you would like us to put online that we can put online – we will put online!

Your monthly membership for 12 months is only £59 per month

What is included…

This value for money package includes:

  • Full Yoast-approved Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of every uploaded contribution
  • Sharing across all of our Social Media Platforms
  • Telephone and email support to help you take full advantage of your investment5

Join us and your brand can reach many thousands of Northern Ireland Businesss Decision Makers every month.

This screenshot is our latest Analytics Report 

YOUR GUARANTEE: You can cancel your membership at any time if our service does not meet your expectation.
Gavin Walker
Managing Editor

This screenshot is our latest Google Search Report showing over 15,000,000 impressions in the past 12 months! – That’s a whopping 33% increase on the previous year!

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Grow your Brand

Perfect for companies who are serious about their PR & Brand
£ 59 Monthly
  • Unlimited news items
  • Unlimited editorials & thought-leadership pieces
  • Unlimited audio & video contributions
  • Unlimited Event Coverage
  • Full SEO service on every contribution
  • All editorial & news promoted on Business First Website & social media
best value

If you’re not quite ready to commit to a Corporate Membership Package but would still like to get involved in Online Marketing, we might have the solution for you with one of our ad hoc marketing opportunities. 

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