Will Employees Want to Return to the Office Post- Covid?

The reality is that the current covid-19 pandemic has changed how we live our lives in every possible way. Whether that’s learning to be better people or change the way we work, there is no denying that our lives have been turned upside down. However, if we place a focus on the workplace, we instantly see that more and more people are now working from home. What this means is that businesses have had to learn to adapt but it has also given employees the opportunity to explore new ways of working.

Why Will Employees Want to Continue to Work From Home?

Prior to the pandemic, working in the office was a must for pretty much every employee. Whether they could walk to the office or had to face a long commute, it was an expectation, with working from home not being an option for most. However, with the pandemic came a need to adapt and fortunately, modern technology now makes it possible for people to work from almost anywhere.

This meant that employees could spend more time at home while still carrying out their roles. This meant more time spent with family, especially during a time where children were kept at home, enabling them to juggle their job and care in a way that simply worked. It slowly indicated that people do have the scope to work from home permanently. Work was still being completed, deadlines met and businesses were still continuing to benefit.

Furthermore, avoiding the commute meant that employees were no longer spending hours travelling on trains or being stuck in traffic and that helped to improve stress levels. What this meant was that employees were able to feel refreshed when starting work instead of stressed. What’s more, they were also able to finish work at the end of the day and be at home, which gave them more time to spend on themselves or with family. This taught employees to appreciate their time more but also focus on their work-life balance, something that got lost over the years by chasing ambitions and promotions in the workplace.

Why Will Employees Want to Return to the Office?

Despite the benefits that come with working from home, many people still miss and crave the social aspect of being in the same place as colleagues. Sure, Zoom meetings can fill the void somewhat but it’s not quite the same as wandering over to a colleague to discuss a new project. It’s not just the work aspect of being in the office because there is also the social aspect to it. It’s the ability to have a conversation about the weekend at the office coffee machine and interact in a way that you cannot get while working from home.

Sure, getting back into the routine of heading out to the office will be a challenge but there are people who crave this but this could be met with a few changes from employers. Making the office more inviting for employees can be easily achieved with vending solutions and it will also show that employers are doing all they can to create a more comfortable working environment.

On the whole, there is going to be a shift in the way in which people work. However, the office is not dead and in fact, the pandemic could work in favour of the office, making it a more practical and flexible place to work. If anything, it has made employees appreciate the workplace more than ever before.

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