No deposit casinos explained: The pros and cons

Among all the advertisements for casino brands out there, you may have seen “no deposit casinos” promoted. So, what does this term really mean? What are some of the pros and cons of these kinds of casinos and can you really play without making a deposit?

A lot of the time, these ads are referring to no deposit casino bonuses which are a way for players to test out games and see if they like a casino without having to put any money in the account. There are some pros and cons to this, as we’ll explore in this guide.

What is a no deposit casino?

A no deposit casino is a term that usually refers to the casinos on the market that don’t require any money to be deposited to be able to try them, and this means that they offer a bonus when someone signs up in the form of free spins or free credit. Players don’t have to make an initial deposit to qualify for this bonus.

When casino and gambling businesses operated on the high street, this kind of offer didn’t tend to be available, but now, casinos are keen to encourage new players to try their site as there is so much competition in the industry. This means that signup bonuses have become very normal in the industry.

A no deposit casino will usually promote the fact that they offer free spins or bet credits when you sign up.

Pros of no deposit casinos

What are the benefits of no deposit casinos? Let’s look at some of the positive aspects of these forms of casino.

They normally have a lot of games

One of the reasons why casino sites are so happy to give no deposit bonuses is the fact that they have a lot of games to offer. This means that they’re confident that once a player tries out the casino, they will want to keep playing.

A no deposit casino signup bonus is simply a promotional tool for the business, suggesting they’re pretty happy with the site itself.

You don’t have to part with financial details

There are different levels of personal details that you may need to part with to take advantage of a no deposit casino bonus. Some will allow users to just create an account with a few simple details like their name and date of birth, and then they may be able to take advantage of the free balance.

It is rarer to have to put in more details than this such as bank details to play with the initial free balance, and some users would rather check out the site before they choose to do this.

You can try them out for free

Even if you don’t win anything, it is a chance to try out the casino itself and see if you like the layout. Players may then choose to carry on using the casino site and make a deposit.

Some sites that have no deposit bonuses also provide some extra ways that games can be tested out for free, such as a free version of a slot game where they don’t have to deposit anything in order to try the game, but this also means it is impossible to win any real money, at least in one of the free demo versions.

It is possible to win money

There are absolutely no guarantees, but it is possible that the free bonus funds might turn into more funds if you manage a win. The outcome of the spins is random, so who knows what is actually going to happen when someone spins the reels? Unlike playing on a demo game, free spins that are provided as a no deposit bonus may entitle players to win real money.

Cons of no deposit casinos

There are some downsides to no deposit casinos too, which players should always be aware of before they decide to make an account.

There may be restrictions on what you can win

Sometimes, the free spins or free bonus balances provided by these companies will be restricted, meaning they aren’t eligible to win the jackpots of any games. While the outcome of the game itself will still be random, there could be a cap on what can be won using your free balance. On top of this, it might mean players aren’t eligible for other bonuses offered by the casino, such as signup bonuses with paid deposits.

Wagering requirements

Once someone wins using their free balance, it is possible that they will still have to complete more spins to be eligible to withdraw the money from the account. Wagering requirements on a free balance or free spins may dictate that people need to keep playing with the money and wager it in games a certain number of times before any winnings can be withdrawn. A wagering requirement of 20-35x is not uncommon.

Some sites still require card details

It is possible that the signup process may still be lengthy, which can be frustrating. Some sites require people to enter their card details in before they can claim the free balance that is on offer.

Lots of terms and conditions

Before you play at a no deposit casino, you’ll want to understand the full terms on the offer. People should read the terms and conditions, so there aren’t any annoying surprises such as caps on the winnings. On top of that, each time someone signs up with a new casino brand, they need to understand the reputation of the brand and ensure the site is safe and takes security seriously.

Restricted games

Sometimes, companies offer these no deposit bonuses to encourage people to play specific games on an online casino, so the free spins might only be eligible to use on specific games on the site. If someone wanted to try out a new game, this might not be ideal, as they may end up having to use the balance on a game chosen by the casino.

Gamble responsibly

The casino industry continues to grow, and this means it is even more important for everyone to be aware of staying safe. Whether you are signing up for an account for the first time or you have tried a lot of casino sites and now want to see what a new company has to offer, it is important to gamble responsibly

There is support out there, and you should make sure you only gamble with funds you can afford to lose. UK casinos should provide exclusion options and more information about responsible gambling.


Before anyone signs up for a casino account, whether it offers a no deposit bonus or not, they need to be aware of the terms and exactly what is on offer.

No deposit casinos can allow players to win money and explore a range of new games for free, but they do have restrictions, and most won’t allow you to take the jackpot if you are playing using the free money offered by the casino.

Some no deposit bonuses are better than others, so it is important that players do some research before signing up.

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