4 Things to Nail Before You Take Your Business to the High Street

Making it to the high street is every business owner’s dream, and the journey can be filled with important steps to master before you finally receive those keys in your hand.

If you’re in need of extra guidance, take a look at these 4 tips to achieve before you open your dream business.

1. Find a Location

Finding the ideal location for your shop can hinge on assessing the local competition, which can either influence or put you off from investing.

The ideal high street location should have little to no competition for your business if possible, with a clear niche for you to fit into.

You may also want to consider how accessible your premises are to those who need it. For example, step free access is advantageous to ensure that disabled or less able bodied customers can safely enter.

Additionally, ensuring that you have adequate parking nearby can be handy for parents with small children, and elderly customers.

2. Replace Your Windows

The windows in your shop are incredibly important. Not only are they key for showcasing your stock, but they also provide security and heat insulation for your premises.

Companies like Halifax Glass supply the best quality windows for all your commercial needs, whether you’re looking for double glazing, plate glass windows, or display cases.

If you have temperature sensitive, or humidity sensitive stock, replacing any old windows will also help to reduce your stock turnover.

3. Design Your Business Logo

Your logo is one of the most defining features about your business, and nailing the logo will get you on the right path to establishing a memorable brand for your customers.

Apps like Canva are a fantastic tool for designing your own logo if you have skills on the graphic design front. With easy to use templates and a user friendly interface, designing a low budget and high quality logo for your company has never been easier.

4. Publicise Online

Publicising your business using social media is one of the biggest ways you can set your shop up for success upon opening.

You can launch your social media accounts by hosting a giveaway, or running a competition in exchange for interactions like shares, comments and likes, which will boost your account in the algorithm and attract more followers.

By using influencer marketing in your social media posts through websites like Upfluence, you can further boost your follower numbers.

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