The Birth and Growth of Playing Bingo Online

Gone are the days when one will have to visit bingo halls to play and enjoy the game. Due to how easy it is to play bingo now, there has been an increase in recurring players.

Bingo has been around in one form or another for centuries. But as its counterparts have moved online over the past few decades, the probe on whether the bingo industry has been able to keep up arises.

With the emergence of the internet, most versions of bingo games have become digitalized with the introduction of new fascinating features. So, after all these, the question is, how far has the online bingo industry grown and developed? Keep reading to find the answers to the questions.

Brief History of Bingo

The origin of bingo goes back to a lottery game named “Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia” played in Italy around 1530. There were other gambling games like “Primero” in the 16th century, but the Italian lotto game was one of the first ones based more on chance and luck.

Later on, the game began to spread to other parts of Europe. By the 18th century, the French game “Le Lotto” appeared. “Le Lotto” was the first game to feature the player card layout used widely today. By the early 1920s, Hugh J. Ward formed and standardized “Le Lotto” at carnivals around some cities in America.

In December 1929, Edwin Lowe saw people fervently playing a game called “Beano,” which followed Ward’s rules. Before taking it back to his friends in New York, the game was already gaining popularity. By the 1940s, “Bingo” was spread across America after Lowe created two versions of the game.

A game that previously started with a rubber stamp, cards, and dried beans, bingo has become one of the most popular gambling games around the world today.

The Impact of Online Bingo on the Online Gambling World

Without a doubt, the online bingo sector would not have grown this big without the attention brought by online gambling in general. Furthermore, regulations and laws that made gambling a legal act made it much easier for online bingo brands to operate and advertise.

On the Whichbingo annual report, Whichbingo stated that most players are constantly looking for all the important details about the best bingo sites in the UK. This shows the significant impact online bingo has.

Plus, the segment contributes momentously to the total revenue the online gambling world generates. About 27% of all online bingo users deposit more than £50 monthly.

So far, the sector has done well to adjust to our revolutionising world but as more gambling games enter the scene, will online bingo still offer the same engagement in the future?

The Beginning and Rise of Online Bingo

A free bingo game called “Bingo Zone” is one of the earliest forms of online bingo. One can trace the roots of bingo being integrated with technology as far back as the 1990s when it’s estimated to have launched.

However, by that time, technology wasn’t well developed enough to help compel people to stick to the game. By the 2000s, developers solved this setback and since then, the game has become a boomer.

Today, most online bingo brands can recreate social interaction that existed in the traditional bingo halls. How? Through the creation of chat rooms and other interactive functionalities. Players can now chat as they play, trade tips, and generally feel part of a like-minded community.

An additional factor that increased its popularity is its simplicity. Online Bingo is idyllic to play on a handheld device, which is everyone’s preferred choice of communication and entertainment nowadays.

All these factors have made Online Bingo one of the fastest-growing segments of the online gambling industry.

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