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Looking for Online Bingo?

If you love playing games online and fancy a bit of a change then you could do far worse than have a look at online bingo, and before you say ‘hey! isn’t that a game only played by the older generation?’ take a look here to dispel any ideas that bingo is only played by women of a certain age, and to find only the best new bingo sites today.

In fact, bingo in general both online and at the bricks and mortar venues has enjoyed a massive resurgence in popularity of the last few years, unfortunately with the Corona virus hitting the hospitality industry hard increased numbers of bingo lovers have turned online for their gaming fix.

But How do I Know Which Site to Play at?

Trawling the internet in search for a new bingo site can be somewhat confusing as there seems to be so many new bingo sites on offer, and this can put some players off finding their perfect site to play at.

Luckily a site like New Bingo Sites works in much the same way as a comparison site that you would use to find your home or car insurance, it brings together the best of the best, tests them and then ranks them, adding a comprehensive review that new players or those looking for a change can read and act on.

New Bingo Sites has another similarity to other comparison sites, it’s totally unbiased and staffed by a team of bingo enthusiasts and professionals from the gambling industry. This is very important as it means that there is no third party interest meaning the reviews you read are both true and fair.

OK, That Sounds Great, But What Points Are Checked?

All those important points that make up great new bingo sites will be looked at to see if the new site lives up to name, if a site does not perform as promised it will not make it onto the pages of New Bingo Sites, it’s really that simple.

Points that are checked include:-

  • Any decent new bingo site needs to hold a current gambling license which means it has to adhere to those rules and regulations set out by the gambling commission for fear of having their gambling license revoked. No license means that it will not be included onto the pages of New Bingo Sites.
  • Only the best Software should be used to provide excellent games in many variations, this also includes the best encryption software used in the banking methods on offer to ensure player safety and security
  • Games choices should be made up out of only the most popular and there should be a selection of other games available for interest
  • It really does go without saying that there should be a great community feel about the site as community spirit lies at the very core of the game of bingo
  • Bonuses and promotional offers should be generous and worth taking by both existing and new players and they should happen on a regular basis
  • Any new bingo site needs to have an exceptional customer service team on offer to help and assist when required and the site should also have a good FAQ page for self-help purposes

The whole ‘feel’ of the site will be checked to make sure its professionally put together and the site will also be checked for its transparency and written in jargon free language. Once these points have been checked and found to be in place then the new site will be added to the pages of New Bingo Sties making it the ‘one stop shop’ to go for all of your bingo needs.