July Webinar Series Dates Released Focusing On Online Presence 

July’s free webinars from Excalibur Press kicks off with a session this Thursday (July 2) with founder Tina Calder telling attendees just what she does in order to organise, promote and deliver her webinars each week.

Running A Webinar? Here’s What I Do Each Week is the latest session publicity management, content creation and copywriting company Excalibur Press has been running for the last three months to support businesses and individuals to transform their business and take advantage of online opportunities quickly.

A total of seven sessions will be held throughout July including topics such as blogging, podcasts, and maximising use of LinkedIn.

Tina will use over two decades of experience in media, publicity, publishing and content creation to deliver unique “action orientated” sessions.

She said: “At the beginning of the Covid crisis like many businesses I was in shock at the speed at which my business was changing. Clients were no longer able to commit to budgets and large projects were put on hold.

“I could have very easily just settled in, bunkered down and weathered the storm waiting for things to come back again but I decided that was 100% the wrong thing to do.

“I realised quickly that if I could use my experience to help people learn new skills and cope with the crisis a little better then I could create a wonderful community of learners and welcome them into the Excalibur Press family through our online brand The Content Club.

“These webinars offer me a great way to connect with the business community and find out exactly what services they need and want during this time.”

The July 2 session – Running A Webinar? Here’s What I Do Each Week, begins at 3pm and will see Tina outlining what she does each week for her series of successful webinars.

“This week I’ll run through what I do behind the scenes, what systems and processes I use and explain how to streamline creating your webinar” said Tina.

The following Wednesday (July 8) Tina will present Do You Want To Start Podcasting? Here’s How!, equipping attendees with everything they need to know to get started, including the required tools, to set up their first podcast.

On Thursday July 9 attendees of the weekly sessions will be able to hear Tina delivering Setting Up Your First Webinar? Here’s How!

“This session has been tailored to show how webinars can help businesses and individuals supercharge their marketing and sales efforts, as well as establishing them as real influencers and market leaders,” Tina explained.

The July series continues with Turning Your Face To Face Training Into An Online Course (July 15), Creating A Thought Leadership Strategy (July 16), Blogging for Business (July 22), and Supercharge Your LinkedIn With Great Content (July 30).

“We’ve set aside an hour and a half for each webinar which will help you start thinking about what you need to do to begin reaching towards online success,” Tina said.

Throughout each session Tina aims to simplify the process, as well as an opportunity for questions and answers to give attendees real and practical tips and advice.

For more information on all the events go to excaliburpress.co.uk/events

To register for Running A Webinar? Here’s What I Do Each Week go to https://bit.ly/3fvaFhk

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