Gameplay review of Shaman’s Dream Slot  

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ride with a North American native tribe and venture out on adventures you can only dream of? With the exceptional Shaman’s Dream Slot you can do just that! Transport back to the 19th century and team up with the Apache Native American tribes and their famous Chiefs and embark on a lucrative adventure you’ll never forget. This experience may differ quite a bit from fighting cowboys with crossbows and arrows as you will have seen time and time again in country and western movies like Vera Cruz, Winchester 73, Broken Arrow and One-Eyed Jacks. 

Cowboys and the Apache people weren’t always at war, however, a theme depicted in the fictional film Brown Arrow which takes a very sympathetic view towards Native American people, where lead Tom Jeffords saves a young Native American child and goes on to learn their language as well as the sacred customs of the Apache people. The mysterious Shaman is a part of this ancient and beautiful culture and Shamans Dream Slot gives the opportunity to have insight into the Shaman and the sacred customs of the Apache people. 

The role of the Shaman is to help those who seek his wisdom to enter the spiritual world through divination rituals and communicate with spirits both good and evil and in this exhilarating slot game, you will transcend into this world in your quest for riches beyond your wildest dreams.

Make your bankroll soar to the heavens in this dream of a slot game that will certainly make you feel like you’re in a dreamy trance!  

About the Game 

Shaman’s Dream is a much-loved five-reel slot game and the games’ theme is based on the legendary Native American Shaman, a well respected mystical healer who believed by the Apache Native American tribes to hold special powers which meant he could enter into the spirit world and have special influence over spirits both good and evil. How does the Shaman communicate with the spirits? The Shaman would go into a trance-like state through tribal rituals and used incantations in order to heal those who came to him with ailments and he could also use this power to predict the future and deliver prophecies. If you’re ready to enter into the enticing game of Shaman’s Dream, he Shaman is ready and waiting for you to help you to see the fortunes of your dreams! 

It’s very easy to see what the theme of the slot game is right away and you will see a series of symbols and emblems throughout the game from the visual effects such as the game graphics and symbols through to the immersive soundtrack and sound effects which will play throughout the duration of the game. If you have an appreciation for slot games with fantastic high-quality graphics, then you’ll love symbols featured in Shaman’s Dream. The symbols include a traditional Navajo necklace, white buffalo, white wolf and, of course, the well-known totem pole. All of these special themed symbols are all higher paying symbols in Shaman’s Dream and you will also see other standard symbols on the reels which are still valuable and can make various winning combinations but are of lower value than the themed symbols. It’s not just the stunning symbols that you’ll love, the slot game’s background will take your breath away! The backdrop to this game is a beautiful sunset falling over treetops and a mountain range which is just what you need to make you feel totally immersed in the game so you feel like you really are back in the 1800s in the great American country, where life was simpler and much more slow-paced! If you really want to just take some time to sit back and relax you can play the game in auto spin, which means that the reels will spin automatically so you can enjoy the view and rake in the winnings without having to lift a finger! You’ll still be in complete control, with your bets set and the number of games set. You can set the auto-play feature to spin either 10, 20, 50 or even 100 times so you can sit back and sip on some sarsaparilla! 

The symbols you’ll really want to appeal on the reels is the Wild symbol which is the stunning white Wolf symbols which can be substituted for any symbol on the reels apart from the Scatter symbol which is a beautiful Dream Catcher. As well as this, the generous white wolf will also give you double your winnings when you land a winning combination on the reels with the Wild symbols! The scatter symbol is another symbol on the reels that could make all your dreams come true as the Dream Catcher will give you 2 x, 5 x, 20 x or even a magical 450 x your total bet if you are lucky and land two, three, four or five of these feathery symbols anywhere on the reels! Not only that but if you land three or more of the sought-after scatter symbols anywhere on the reels you’ll also be gifted 15 free spins. As if that isn’t brilliant enough, you’ll also get triple your winnings on these 15 free spin rounds! These free spins are re-triggerable too, so this game feature really could make your dreams a reality by helping your bankroll to skyrocket!  

Shaman’s Dream also has a brilliant Gamble Bonus feature which will give you yet more ways to win big. Players love this lucrative feature where they can choose to either gamble their winnings by selecting either red or black.  

About the Developer 

Shaman’s Dream was developed by Brisbane based Eyecon who has been successfully delivering brilliant online slot games since 1997. They are now one of the biggest slot developers in the online industry, delivering highly innovative slot games to players across the globe which has included big names like Champions of Valhalla, Crystal Lotus and Fluffy In Space. 

The Verdict 

This slot game is truly unique and is a big favourite with lots of players as it quite simply appeals to players with varying bankrolls. Shaman’s Dream has 25 paylines and you can bet anything between 1 and 50 credits on all of the 25 paylines. This not only gives you the flexibility to play Shaman’s Dream your way, betting as much or as little as you feel comfortable with, but it also means that this game can give you plenty of opportunities to win big if you want to bet the maximum! What’s not to love about this stunning and enchanting slot game? 

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