Everything You Need to Know About OG Ocean Grown

With more than a thousand years of history that’s spread worldwide, the cannabis culture has acquired a rich, multilingual vocabulary list to explain the cannabis plant and the wealth of human experience that surrounds it. But with such a diverse vastness of knowledge to draw upon, the origins of many expressions and words are contention matters, subject to an ongoing debate.

What exactly is OG?

The OG ocean grown strain is said to have originated in Southern California. Commonly dubbed as OG Kush (Ocean Grown Kush), it has increased in popularity since the late 90s. This very unique and strong medical quality strain has toured the world owing to its quickly increasing recognition, causing lots of OG strain strains with diverse phenotypes. It mostly leaves consumers with lasting psychoactive effects. 


Undetermined; probably includes Lemon Thai genetics, Hindu Kush, and Pakistani.


OG Kush’s origin tale is one of the most debated in all of cannabis. Nevertheless, reliable sources place its origins in Florida in the early 90s, then shifting to California in 1996. The original plant has been used for breeding countless times and there’re many random OG plants floating around, particularly in California.

Estimated THC content 

High (20 percent -25 percent)

What to Expect

Regardless of which OG you end up with, it almost always has extremely happy and social effects, making it ideal for chilling out with friends. Some varieties are more relaxing and powerful than others, so be sure to research about the specific “cut” you’re smoking. OG strains have lasting effects and are renowned for having no tolerance buildup or ceiling, implying you can keep smoking them for a long period of time and still enjoy the similar effects.

How to Spot It

OG typically features pinecone or triangular shaped buds with hardly any leaves, completely covered in frost and disseminating their strong smell for all to behold. 

Flavor, and Aroma

Top-shelf OG Kush has a garden-fresh scent. The strain’s aroma is earthy, piney, and woodsy all at once. What is more, its flavor can surprise even an overstimulated stoner. 

But no matter what, OG is strong in both flavor and aroma, making it a perennial favorite for most consumers.

Potential Side Effects of OG Kush 

The best way to evade OG Kush’s potential side effects is to use precaution if you’re sensitive to THC. Know your limits, and be very careful if you’re prone to THC-induced paranoia and anxiety.

Users also displayed signs of dry eyes and dry mouth as a typical side effect when trying out the OG Kush strain, but don’t worry about this small problem as it’s easily avoidable by drinking lots of hydrating liquids. 

OG Kush Well-known For Its Therapeutic Properties

Just about everybody has heard of the cannabis strain, OG Kush. It’s easily one of the most common medicinal marijuana strains grown and put up for sale by dispensaries nowadays. Its recognition has increase rapidly between medical marijuana patients, musicians, and celebrities alike; renowned particularly for its condensed, sticky, and highly resinous buds that form a full-body wrap.

OG Kush is said to be a strong night-time medication that is perfect at alleviating stomach issues, vomiting, depression, anxiousness, bipolar disorders, migraines, body ailments, and much more. OG Kush is a strong Hybrid that will leave you in an intense, stoney trance that will have you staring off into space for many hours.

OG Kush: Low In Supply, High In Demand

OG Kush has been proven to be difficult to grow; usually producing very low yields if grown the wrong way.

This makes it a risky investment for growers, which has a tendency to to drive down supply. OG Kush is very popular owing to its one of a kind high, feel, look, scent, and unique taste, which is certainly not for the faint hearted.

The dense buds are almost neon green in color, with heavy crystallization that will leave your hands very sticky after handling. When grown correctly, the strain is a product that is worthy of a spot on every cannabis fanatic’s wishlist.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you found this OG Kush post to be not only exciting but also informative and educational. OG Kush is definitely a heavy hitter in the worlds of both medical and recreational weed consumption, and if you have never tried it before, you have got to make it a priority.

The strain should be rather easily obtainable if you live in a “weed-friendly” state such as Washington, California, or Colorado, and as for those who live in other parts of the United States, the splendid high of OG Kush should surely be put on your marijuana bucket list as you travel the country in search of the best high.

Thanks for reading, and stay healthy, friends!

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