Tips to Operate Your Automatic Window Shutters

Window shutters match almost every home aesthetic so many people are switching to installing the motorized window shutter since they are energy efficient and effective light control. Also, you do not need to make holes in your walls because of curtain hooks.

These window shutters provide convenience and benefits to homeowners. With little maintenance on its window openers, we can save more time on cleaning, unlike the traditional blinds that are needed to be brought to dry cleaners. However, they can be worn out if they are not operated and maintained properly. To make the most out of your window shutters, read the tips below.

Regularly clean your window shutters

White window shutters are pleasing to the eyes and make the home ambiance relaxing especially during the morning. However, the white window shutters may have discoloration because of the sun’s rays. If a good quality window shutter is cleaned regularly, it will keep its color for a long time. Wiping the dust off regularly, especially on the outer side will keep them off the bearings.

Lubricate the shutters as necessary

Since these automatic window openers are operated by motors, a regular greasing routine is needed. Though there are self-lubricating motors, checking up on the oil and bearings will prevent them from being worn out.

Keep the remotes out of children’s reach

These automatic window shutters are remotely operated. If you have children with you at home, keep the remotes in an area where the children cannot reach them. They might play with controlling the window openers every time they reach the remote control.

Operate them properly

If you think the window openers move too stiff when operating, call on your contractor to have it checked. Sometimes, the shutter panel needs some adjustments, or the bearings and the motors need to be lubricated. Always check if it moves with proper tension to prevent excessive force.

Do a regular balance check

Some contractors offer regular preventive maintenance and balance check of motorized window openers. Make sure that professionals do a monthly balancing check on your window openers to make sure that the motors and bearings are running properly. They will be able to check the mechanisms so the window shutters will not operate stiffly.

Avoid operating the motorized window shutters manually

These automatic window shutters are designed to operate with the use of a motor. Though they can be opened and closed manually, avoid doing so since it may damage the motor and the mechanism over time. Also, operating them manually can damage the shutters themselves since they may slam on the box or can be opened and closed with force.

Final Words

We always want the best for our household furniture and fixtures. To keep them working properly, it is important to keep them maintained and checked regularly. Since an automatic window shutter is motorized, problems or issues are not seen immediately. Keeping them clean and properly operated will keep the motors and the window openers functioning the way they should be.

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