Wall-Hung or Floor-Mounted Toilet: Which is better?

Although the shape and appearance of your toilet don’t really matter since toilets are more of a household necessity, such factors might be crucial if you’re after aesthetics and better functionality. And for that matter, you might be deciding between getting a wall-hung or a floor-mounted toilet for your bathroom.

So, if you’re still unsure which type of toilet is better for your bathroom, here’s a helpful guide to help you make a final decision below. And on the topic of toilets, you can contact ALK Emergency Plumbers to resolve the problem for you. After all, no matter what model you’re using, your toilet will be of no use if it doesn’t serve its purpose.

Design of the Toilet 

A wall-hung toilet is your best bet if you prefer a much more minimalistic design. After all, its water outlet and flushing device are both hidden in your bathroom walls, giving it that clean look. Furthermore, this type of toilet also offers a more contemporary and stylish appearance since it appears to float in your bathroom.

Even though a standard floor-mounted toilet serves the same purpose, it may seem bulky and a little plain to your liking. But since all of its parts can be easily accessed, you’d have no problem repairing or replacing parts of your floor-mounted toilet, unlike a wall-hung one.

Fortunately, if you’re faced with a blocked toilet in Ashford, you’d have no problem having it repaired at all, whether it’s a floor-mounted or wall-hung one. After all, you’re generally allowed to use the same unclogging techniques in either toilet design.

Height of the Toilet 

The height of the toilet also differs between these two toilet types. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about a floor-mounted toilet’s height. This is where wall-hung toilets shine since they can be installed at different heights. Your preferred height depends on your needs or preferences, but for starters, the most optimal height is at least fifteen inches away from the floor.

Amount of Space Taken Up 

If your bathroom doesn’t have a lot of space, a floor-mounted model might make your bathroom feel even more constricted. That said, wall-hung toilets are highly preferred nowadays due to the lesser amount of space they take up. Again, since other parts of a wall-hung model are hidden, they’d be perfect for smaller bathrooms.

Installation Costs and Ease of Maintenance 

Despite the various perks that wall-hung toilets have to offer, they’re quite costly to install. Since the toilet needs to be mounted to your bathroom wall, the installation will definitely be more complicated. Furthermore, wall-hung models are also pricy on their own.

And as previously mentioned, its hidden parts will also make it difficult to do any repairs. It also goes without saying that replacements and repairs for this toilet will surely dent your wallet. Therefore, you’d need a bigger budget for your bathroom if you ever go for this toilet model.

On the other hand, buying and installing a floor-mounted toilet doesn’t cost much money. Therefore, its parts also wouldn’t be as expensive if you ever need to get it repaired. But unlike a wall-hung model, a floor-mounted toilet will be harder to clean since you can’t easily access other parts of this toilet with ease.

Final Thoughts 

Overall, the better type of toilet for your bathroom significantly depends on your budget and preferences. For that matter, a wall-hung toilet is a fantastic choice if you’re after a modern design and don’t mind shelling out more cash for installation costs. They also offer plenty of benefits, which include their adjustable heights and space-saving features.

Meanwhile, a standard floor-mounted model will do for your bathroom if you’re after a much more affordable option that gets the job done for you. And in case they break, replacing and repairing any of their parts won’t be a problem for you and your wallet.

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