The Must-Have Firestick Apps In 2020

Almost every decade sees a seismic change in how humans carry out daily activities and do stuff around. Every generation brings with it a set of shifts in daily life that are driven by different interventions of the era. In the current era, every revolutionizing change happens majorly because of technological advancement.

This is just what happened when it came to watching movies and shows. Where, almost fifteen years ago, we used to bring CDs to watch our favorite movies, now we have everything present within a second’s reach on the internet.

Now, we can easily stream online and if that is not enough, streaming devices are here to give you access to a universe of entertainment.

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Almost 62% of American adults were found to be associated with streaming services, showing how popular and common such services have become among us.

In this streaming era, many people own streaming media players that allow people to connect their TVs to the net and then stream while using their internet’s bandwidth.

This is what the Firestick streaming device is. It lets you stream live TV, movies, shows, and much other stuff through downloading thousands of apps that are available on it.

There are so many Firesticks apps available that sometimes people get confused that which one they should download. This is why we have gathered the best ones in this article, to make it easy for you to choose from the huge collection.

Cinema HD APK

If you are someone who does not compromise on the video quality, then the cinema HD APK app should be your top choice. It has tons of movies and shows that are available on HD quality and is completely free for Firestick.


If you are keen on having a streaming subscription that provides a simple interface to navigate through, then this app is your best choice. It is not only free but also features a huge collection of content.

Media Lounge

To get everything in one place, from streaming on-demand movies and shows to live TV, you should download the media lounge. This is the app that offers it all and is pretty to install.

Sling TV

If you find your regular cable boring and lacking good content, then switch to the Sling TV app. It is an app that can be installed on Firestick and comes with very affordable subscription rates. It lets your tune in live TV in which you have multiple sports, entertainment, and many other channels. It also comes with a free seven-day trial, an added perk!


If you are an NBA fan who does not just like to watch NBA match but also wants to constantly stay updated about the stats and schedules. Then this app is definitely for you. It allows users to watch live matches and full recaps.