Netflix UK Tips and Tricks: 12 ways to get the most out of your subscription

Netflix is the source of entertainment in most UK households.

From the statistics, it’s clear that the streaming giant has made it to the top with its continued expansion of production competence.

Netflix made its way to the UK in 2012 and has continued to be the first provider of streaming devices to UK households, with over 15 million subscribers.

To use Netflix, you only need to have a subscription. With this, you get unlimited content in Netflix originals and some of the exclusives to Netflix, such as Line of Duty (2012), Unforgotten, and Misfits, among others.

Netflix has an extensive library with documentaries, films, shows, etc., some of which you cannot find anywhere else.

Typically, Netflix has various plans that meet the user’s needs. Meaning, whatever you choose determines the quality you need and how many screens to use to watch your videos or shows. You can use Netflix for as low as £5.99 as the basic plan/month. The standard subscription goes for £9.99 per month, while a premium is £13.99 a month.

Have you subscribed to Netflix UK? This guide contains some tips and tricks on how you can get the most out of your subscriptions.

How to get the best out of your Netflix subscription

Netflix is available in the UK plus over 190 other countries. Unfortunately, its library may vary depending on the country one is watching from. For instance, some shows in the UK may not be available in the US.

For instance, you may want to access American Netflix from the UK.  In such a case, you can look for the best VPN for American Netflix in UK. And since Netflix is known for its shrewdness to stamp VPNs down, choosing the best VPN would help. One that has been good at responding is the ExpressVPN.

With this, you can improve your streaming experience. Here is how to get the most out of your subscriptions.

Save on costs by sharing your Netflix account.

Did you know that you can split the cost of membership?. Let’s say you live with 2-3 people who have their own Netflix subscriptions.

You can choose to have the standard plan or the premium plan, which allows you to watch Netflix on more than one device. You will share the cost, and each will have to pay half or less than the normal price.

Use Netflix parental controls.

You can control what your kids are watching on Netflix. With this, you can go about your daily chores without worrying about the adult content your kids may come across.

In your account profile, select “Parental Controls.” Set a PIN and make sure it’s not accessible by the kids, but also explain the reason for your actions.

Can you do away with the TV license?

You do a license to watch shows and movies unless you want to watch live broadcasting from the BBC or any other BBC iPlayer among others.

Information about when a licence is needed can be found here.

Download contents for offline viewing

Downloading content makes it easier to watch on Netflix.

Netflix has the option of downloading shows, movies using Android, iOS, or even your PC for offline viewing.

The Smart Downloads available for PC and smartphones in the Netflix app automatically delete watched episodes and download the best episodes.

To download, make sure the Smart Download tap is turned on. You will see a list of “Available for Download”. Your downloaded stuff will appear on the “Downloads.”

Control your data usage

Watching movies and shows needs data, which may vary depending on the quality. Fortunately, you can adjust your data usage.

If you are using a data plan, you may be interested in restricting your data usage. Thanks to Netflix’s features of restricting data usage. You can choose to use save data, maximum data automatic, or Wi-Fi only.

The best quality starts from 3GB which is for HD videos and 7GB for Ultra HD videos. If you’re not connected to Wi-Fi, you can use your data to watch a video in low HD, which may use up to 3GB of your data per hour.

Also, you can have data usage settings for every profile on your account.

Rate what you watch

One best way to get better suggestions is to rate what movies and shows you watch. You can either use a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down.

Netflix is good at tracking what you watch and when. With this, it can offer recommendations on what content you can watch next.

For instance, if you watched something foreign and can’t recall the name, don’t worry. You only need to visit the recently watched on Netflix.

The last thing viewers have on their minds is to rate what they have already watched, but this could make your life on Netflix easier than you think. It’s the best way to improve your recommendations.

Use a discounted card to pay for Netflix.

You can access unlimited Netflix in the UK with one card. With this, you can cut down on subscription costs.

You can get Netflix gift cards online, and you can buy them at a discounted rate. But make sure to use your card immediately to minimize risks such as misplacing, getting lost, etc.

Check on your Netflix plans.

If you have subscribed to standard or premium plans, check whether you need the plans.

For instance, it would be of no use to use a premium plan when you watch movies or shows from one screen at a time and are not interested in that top-notch Ultra HD quality.

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