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Top 5 Supplies Every Business Office Should Have

Every office should have adequate supplies of essential items that may look small, but valuable. These tools help office workers execute their tasks every day. The office items work well with business machines such as copiers, computers and printers, scanners, even shredders. You use them for writing, for printing, and organising. You use them to present your ideas, presentations and proposals. You need them to send vital messages.

As a business owner, you should ensure that you have an ample supply of these items so that your employees can finish their tasks, meet deadlines, prepare vital documents, and generally make sure that your office remains productive and successful.

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Different types of office supplies needed by any business

It is typical for any business office to have a stock of office supplies. To ensure that you have all the right items needed by your staff, here is a priority list of the office supplies you should have, whether you are setting up a new business or restocking.

1. Supplies for organisation

An office needs to have supplies to organise documents. It is usual for an office to prepare and receive various documents. Every department in an organisation generates different types of documents that need to be compiled and stored separately. To organise them, you need folders, staplers and staples, paper clips, binder clips, paper fasteners, and envelopes.

2. Office desk supplies

Employees need several office supplies to grace their desks, such as pens, pencils, eraser, paper clips, stapler and staples, small pencil sharpener, small box cutter, highlighters, scissors, ruler, liquid eraser, rubber bands, note pads, notebook, and sticky notes. Additionally, they need an accessory tray, a file sorter, pen holder, business card holder, and sticky tape and dispenser.

3. Electronic tools and accessories

To improve productivity, employees use computers, scanners and printers. In some offices, printers are shared by the department. Still, you need a supply of ink cartridges, in black as well as colour cartridges to print in full colour. For offices with laser printers, they need ink toners. You also need a stock of toners for the copier, copy paper for desktop printing and copying, and paper for the fax machine (thermal or plain paper).

4. Media accessory supplies

Technology allows people to store files on other devices other than paper for added security and easier mobility. You should have a stock of USBs, blank CDs and DVDs, which are light and portable accessories that are easy to transport, handle and use.

5. Catering supplies

Most offices keep a kitchen so that employees can take a break and refresh themselves. With a kitchen, it is quicker to serve guests some drinks and possibly, some snacks. Therefore you need a coffee machine, cups, spoons, plates, and saucers. You might add a small microwave, bread toaster or oven toaster, a small refrigerator, hot and cold water dispenser, a selection of sugar, cream, various flavours of tea, juices and instant coffee.

These are the top office supply essentials that every office should have. You can add more when you see a need. Make sure that you monitor your stock so that you have a steady supply of items that your office needs every workday.