Should You Further Your Studies While Working On Your Startup?

The startup, in other words, establishing a company is an option or a plan for many people around the globe. Especially youths or students are willing to bring out their potential and skills in front of the world and build out a safe and secure career. Inspired by many successful entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, etc. who started small during their college life inspire students for a startup.

Many individuals get confused at a certain point where they have to choose between the company and studies or both. Starting a company and education are two different things but they may require the same time. Many writings and sayings can be found with different views on this. There are many criteria to consider before choosing between the two. Firstly, the reason for a person to think of starting a business may be his frustration regarding the studies. There may be many possible reasons like tough syllabus, boring lectures, or whatever. But the only thing a person should keep in mind is that frustration is everywhere and it’s more in the life of a CEO rather than in the life of a student.

The second thing to consider is the level of interest of an individual for both of the choices. A person who has no interest in studies should not waste his time because a degree without learning is nothing. If he is highly obsessed with starting a company, he should do it right away considering no turning back.

Education itself may be something to go with sometimes if a person is thinking of starting a company. Startups may require an average or sometimes a highly qualified individual. The first option or criteria for choosing between the two is checking the barrier of entry. A startup working on a complex machine requires a highly qualified person but for a simple business, money is required more than education.

Most of the entrepreneurs and books on entrepreneurship tell that it is good to start a business while studying at the university level. People of this age are young and they have a lot of fresh and innovative ideas to shape up the business as a whole. There are numerous living examples of extremely successful founders who started during their college life. It is true that in the beginning there are a very small number of people or not at all who trust and give a helping hand but if someone trusts on himself and gives his/her best success is a cup of tea. Therefore, it is a good idea to continue studies while working on a startup. Doing both at the same time might be difficult but it is not impossible. The result shall of course be rewarding enough. The competition in today’s world is increasing with the increase in qualified human resources which means in the future, a person’s academic qualification must be very high to compete and survive.

One of the most important facts that we all know is our college degree only makes us theoretically strong about a company and its working principle. Starting early along with studies would be extremely beneficial as it helps an individual to use practically, his/her theoretical knowledge and skill about the business or company. It would not be exaggerating to say that a person would have a lot of practical experience until he gets a university degree. Education provides information whereas, experience provides skill. Many entrepreneurs, books as well as writers from do my assignment for me have mentioned that starting early lets a person obtain many necessary valuable skills, which later on helps in sustaining the company’s success. A company or a business is something that is not easy to handle just with someone’s college degree. However, a college/university degree is equally essential as a practical experience. Until a person obtains a university degree, he/she obtains knowledge about the products, interface skills with clients and customers, and many other skills. Startup and studies together would be fruitful as one can find like-minded individuals in college for the work. Continuing studies are also useful because a person is in touch with young and talented minds every day making it easier to form a network. Network formation, which is an important element of a company will be tough later. A person, as well as his/her partners, get to nurture and be perfect in a business until they obtain a degree plus, they come up with a strong network of brilliant people if they start early and keep startup and studies simultaneously.

Lastly, this is also a fact that if a person in college starts a company, he may have many chances to fail. Maybe even he could lead himself to, which led to a loss of trust and self-doubt. However, this is also true that failure is the stepping-stones towards success. Failures at times help people to gain valuable knowledge and experience. The same is with the startup. Every individual who works on a startup along with his/her studies has chances of failure, which means he/she has infinitely many chances of learning and growing. For any comparison in the world, education outweighs every other thing. Education is the greatest gift of all. Therefore, if a person is equally interested in studies as well as starting his company, he needs to choose to study too. Better qualification bears better fruit.

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