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One less thing for farmers to worry about during summer months

As we move into August, life on the farm has moved into overdrive, especially for arable farmers who will be embarking on harvesting cereal crops, writes Richard Henderson, Autoline Head of Agriculture Insurance

Silage is also a priority, as is looking ahead to ploughing and cultivating the land for next year’s crop. For sheep farmers, lambs born in spring will start to be weaned in August and September and the animals will be back into the fields. There will also be spraying of pesticides on potato crops.

It’s the time of the year when it is common to see heavy agricultural machinery on our roads as farmers and contractors work long hours into the night in a constant battle with mother nature to ensure the maximum harvest of their crops. In addition, with so much machinery in use the potential for accidents increases.

With all this work going on it is therefore no surprise that the summer months can be some of the most stressful for farmers.

Constant financial stress coupled with regular 15-hour days can lead to mental health issues for farmers. As part of their Mind Your Head Campaign, the Farm Safety Foundation found that 84% of farmers under 40 believe that mental health is the biggest issue facing the industry.

Therefore, anything which can help remove some of the burden from farmers is to be welcomed.

Leading insurance brokers, such as Autoline can provide tailored farm combined policies by negotiating with their insurance partners across the UK.

Farm Combined Insurance is designed to cover all your farming activities, bringing together everything from your home to farm liability – all rolled into one policy.

And with criminals always seeking opportunities to target farms, the correct policy in place can provide real security for your farm and livelihood. These policies can protect against theft of machinery and livestock as well.

At Autoline, Farm Combined Insurance is broken down into different sections and we work with you to pick and choose exactly what level of cover you need. We recognise the demands of running a farm can take priority over evaluating insurance cover which is why our experts can take the work out of it for you and tailor a policy to cover the specific needs of your home and farm.

Having one less thing to worry about during peak season can bring huge advantages. Speak to a trusted insurance broker today to find out how they can help your business.

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