Sarah Burrows is most recent partner at Edwards & Co Solicitors

Edwards & Co Solicitors has announced that Sarah Burrows is their most recent Partner.

Welcoming the news, Senior Partner Dorcas Crawford said, ” We’re delighted to announce the appointment of Sarah Burrows as Partner.  Sarah joined the firm just over a year ago, bringing a wealth of experience in Corporate and Charity Law. Edwards & Co. is very pleased to welcome Sarah to the Partnership team.”

Sarah has been an important asset to the Charity team run by Jenny Ebbage and the two have been made a powerful combination. Chambers UK rates Jenny and Sarah as the top two solicitors in Northern Ireland in the charity sector. Between them at Edwards & Co they have over 50 years experience.

Also joining Edwards & Co for a short time is senior Belfast solicitor William Cross. William brings many years of experience in Family Law to the practice at a time when families are feeling pressure from so many different directions.

Sarah, Jenny and William joined Business First’s Managing Editor Gavin Walker in a conversation which ranged from Sarah’s achievement to family law to the realities of operating a solicitor’s practice during lockdown!

Sarah Burrows Partner at Edwards & Co


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