Power NI rate change for domestic customers

Power NI has today announced an increase in prices of 21.4% from 1st January 2022, equivalent to £2.51 a week to a typical household electricity bill[1].

The tariff change has been approved by the Utility Regulator and applies to domestic customers only. This increase is entirely due to the unparalleled rise in prices across the global wholesale gas markets and unfortunately Power NI has no option but to pass these costs on.

Customers can help offset this increase by ensuring they are on the best payment plan for them and registering for Power NI’s online billing, to save up to £60 per year*.

William Steele, Director, Power NI Customer Solutions, said: “We work very hard to keep our prices as low as possible, but regrettably there has been a rapid and sustained increase in wholesale gas prices over recent months. Like other suppliers, we have no choice but to pay these increased costs, which feed into the cost of wholesale electricity and have a knock-on effect on our tariffs.

“In these challenging times and with such a volatile market, we held off making this change for as long as possible, with this price change not coming into effect until January 2022. As soon as we see an opportunity to reduce prices, we will do so without delay. For any customers who are worried about paying a bill, please get in contact and we can help you.”

We value all our customers, and we remain committed to helping those who are being impacted by the cumulative rise in cost of living. As well as working directly with our customers, we will continue to work closely with our charity partners, assisting them in helping those who are struggling and providing free energy advice,”

Power NI helps customers to save money through a range of discounted payment schemes and services. Customers can reduce the impact of this increase with a discount of 6%, up to £60 a year, on offer to bill paying customers through online billing and monthly direct debit. Pay as you go Keypad customers get uncapped discounts, as well as free electricity when topping up £50 or more using the free Power NI app or via the website. Power NI customers can now top up from as little as £5 or manage their account, all from the comfort of their own home, with our free app, online or by calling our self-service 24/7 telephone service on 03457 455 455. Details of all help can be found at www.powerni.co.uk/pricing

Power NI is also continuing to work with customers and charity partners that are impacted by increasing cost, with donations of over £180k to around 90 charity partners and community groups across Northern Ireland. That help has taken the form of Keypad top ups; food parcels; help for older people and the homeless. This support also includes community groups staff are involved with, giving out food parcels, meals, and essential equipment.

Power NI is the only price-controlled electricity supplier in Northern Ireland, providing customers with an additional level of safeguarding in that tariffs are adjusted through a regulatory formula with all costs approved by the Utility Regulator.

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