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O’Neills Irish International Sports gets to work to beat Covid-19

O’Neills Irish International Sports Co. Ltd has confirmed that it is currently putting measures in place to manufacture in the region of 50,000 scrubs required by local and primary care health trusts in Northern Ireland as part of the national effort to help front line NHS staff tackle the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.

Kieran Kennedy, Managing Director, said: “O’Neills have been asked to step in to help and with over 100 years’ expertise in the manufacturing industry and our highly skilled local workforce available to respond to the emergency crisis, we are ready and willing to utilise our well established production lines to expedite this important requirement as a matter of urgency.”

Mr Kennedy stressed that the health and safety of the O’Neills employees and their families would continue to be the number one priority and the company would be rigorously adhering to all the essential guidance and protocols issued by the government, Public Health Agency and World Health Organisation to keep everyone safe from COVID-19.

He added: “O’Neills regrettably had to suspend the manufacturing of our sportswear last week and temporarily lay off staff due to the postponement and cancellation of sporting activities and the complete cessation of orders received from clubs and retailers as a result of COVID-19.“

“We have literally been part of the fabric of local communities the length and breadth of Ireland for the past 102 years and as a company we can think of no better way to play our part in helping to save lives during the current national emergency. Now is the time for everyone to pull together as part of the huge collaborative effort required to help ensure our dedicated NHS staff have the necessary equipment to combat the spread of this deadly pandemic not just within our own country but across the globe.”