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MedTEch business supported by Holywood’s 3EN

3EN, a local cloud solutions company that works with some of the world’s biggest brands, has signed a contract with Hemovent to support a business creating life-saving medical technology, as demand for the company’s devices rises during COVID-19.

Holywood-based 3EN has secured a contract to work with an emerging MedTech business creating miniaturised heart-lung machines that can be used to temporarily support or replace heart and lung function in patients with acute respiratory or circulatory failure.

3EN is one of the world’s leading Oracle NetSuite Enterprise Resource Management Solutions Partners, with operations across Europe and the US. Its cloud technology helps businesses to drive growth through improving efficiency with seamless integration between Oracle NetSuite and other software platforms. 3EN’s clients include Fitbit, FairTrade and Mile High Labs International.

Germany-based Hemovent has developed and manufactured ground-breaking new MedTech devices for heart and lung support that aim to make high-end critical care safer and easier for medical practitioners and patients.

Hospitals have seen a rise in the need for ExtraCorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) procedures on inpatients dealing with the effects of COVID-19. Hemovent’s devices offer self-contained and fully integrated ECMO that prioritises high performance, ease of use and mobility, making it quicker and easier to give lifesaving treatment in clinical settings.

3EN has come on board to offer cloud technology to facilitate the company’s management of stock, from components to finished article, as the brand expands across the globe.

Dale Cree, CEO of 3EN, said: “The need for digital transformation has never been more evident than during COVID-19. We are honoured to be working with Hemovent as they expand their business across the world and support the global fight against COVID-19. The cloud technology we offer will support the company’s continued growth and we look forward to working with the team long into the future.”

Christof Lenz, from Hemovent, added: “We have seen rapid growth in business in 2020 and needed cloud technology that supported our expansion and encouraged efficiency across the company. The team at 3EN delivered an excellent service implementing Oracle NetSuite into the business, allowing us to focus on the development of our ground-breaking ECMO devices that are currently in high demand due to COVID-19. We are grateful that our efforts are now supported by another highly renowned European company.”

Hemovent will be supported by 3EN’s offices in Bonn, Germany and Holywood, Northern Ireland.