McCue’s Crafty is off on a Christmas Adventure!

McCue Crafted Fit is getting into the festive spirit with their latest social media campaign featuring ‘Crafty’ the Christmas Elf.

In a note delivered to McCue Managing Director Designate, Gary Purdy, Crafty wrote that he was ‘busting out of the factory’ to go on his own little Christmas adventure. On his travels he visits some of the company’s high quality refurbishment and fit-outs throughout the UK and Ireland.

Crafty’s adventure is McCue’s very own take on the popular Christmas tradition, Elf on the Shelf. The phenomenon’s premise is that the mischievous Elf monitors young children’s behaviour throughout the month of December, reporting back to Santa whether they have been naughty or nice.

McCue’s Crafty the Christmas Elf is also up to mischief on his adventures “stealing popcorn” at Odeon Cinemas, hanging from the bar at Café en Seine in Dublin and ‘trying to blag a free bargain bucket’ at KFC.

Speaking about the campaign, Lucy Davis, Marketing Executive at McCue said, “With our Christmas campaign, we wanted to showcase many of the fantastic projects McCue has worked on this year, as well as creating an exciting story for our social media followers. We hope people enjoy following Crafty’s capers as much as we have enjoyed creating it.”

Social media fans will be able to follow Crafty’s adventure and antics through a number of quirky images as he visits various locations including the newly opened 14 Hills in London, The Dark Horse, Belfast, Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, as well as a visit to the company’s charity partner of the year, Cancer Fund for Children.

Crafty really has an adventure on his travels, trying to get his Christmas shopping complete in time for Christmas but what we want to know is, does he make it home in time for Christmas at McCue?

Keep up to date with Crafty’s adventures on social media to find out!

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