Industry Training Services creates ten new jobs

Industrial training provider Industry Training Services, has announced the creation of up to 10 jobs with significant expansion in collaboration with UK telecoms training provider CTTS (Cable Telecommunications Training Services Ltd). This will enable Industry Training Services to deliver the first of its kind comprehensive telecoms industry training by expert trainers across Ireland from its purpose built headquarters in Portadown

 Industry Training Services

The partnership leverages over 65 years combined expertise in the telecoms sector and positions Industry Training Services as the sole public telecoms training centre in Ireland offering PIA (Physical Infrastructure Access) accredited Telecoms Training as well as a wider portfolio of telecom related training. With thousands of contractors in the sector, Industry Training Services predicts that their training programme will provide training for millions of kilometres of infrastructure across Ireland and throughout the United Kingdom.

This accredited training is a critical element in ensuring that telecoms professionals possess the necessary skills and competency required to work on telecoms infrastructure safely and effectively. The comprehensive training programme encompasses a wide range of essential topics and is delivered by trainers with extensive experience in telecoms, providing trainees with real-world insights and practical knowledge in a simulated working environment. From installation to maintenance, troubleshooting to problem solving, the course also includes crucial safety protocols for technicians to follow

Brendan Crealey, Managing Director of Industry Training Services, said: “The telecoms industry is in a constant state of evolution, driven by advanced technologies like fibre optic broadband and 5G networks. As a result, the demand for highly skilled telecoms professionals has never been greater. Industry Training Services has recognised this need and has taken the bold step to be the first training organisation to bridge the skills gap in the telecoms sector by developing this unique training accreditation in Northern Ireland.

“Partnering with CTTS to deliver the training underpins our commitment to delivering training excellence to telecoms professionals. Already we have received endorsement from Openreach and they recognise that as we work in collaboration with telecoms organisations to deliver accredited training to their staff, we are helping shape the future of the telecommunications sector.”

Colin Sweeney, Director of UK Operations at CTTS said: “CTTS and Industry Training Services have over 65 years’ combined experience delivering essential safety skills and training across the Telecoms and Construction industries. This partnership consolidates our combined training delivery capabilities allowing us to deliver a range of skills and accreditations within Northern Ireland. It is a fantastic opportunity for both businesses to continue to build on exceptional services we provide to our clients.”

Garret Kavanagh, Director, Openreach Northern Ireland, said: “With thousands of Openreach contractors building and maintaining our Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband network, we rely on Industry Training Services for our training needs. The real life on site training facilities on offer at Industry Training Services in Portadown enable our contractors to gain experience which mirrors scenarios they will encounter on the job; this is so important for their professional development and to support us in delivering excellent customer service.”

Industry Training Services is the only public telecoms training centre in Ireland offering Openreach Approved PIA Telecoms Training. For more information about Industry Training Services expanded telecoms training services or to inquire about other training programmes provided by Industry Training Services, please visit:;

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