Climate and weather in Great Britain

Information about weather in the country today and for the nearest future

The Gulf Stream is a warm current that affects the climate of Great Britain. Warm winter and summer are the main peculiarities of the weather:

  • weather conditions are little affected by the fact that the country is located in the north;
  • in winter season, the air temperature ranges from -10 to +10 degrees Celsius;
  • in some regions, this figure amounts to -19 degrees Celsius.

The country is situated in a moderate oceanic climate. Summer season is characterized by minimal amount of precipitation. The figure reaches as little as 80 mm. Dry summer season is followed by rainy autumn. Cyclones affect precipitation level and cause beginning of the rainy season.

The number of sunny days is significantly less than the number of cloudy days. Despite this fact, the UK weather is not characterized by a substantial precipitation amount. July is the warmest month and December is the coldest. Weather conditions remain comfortable all the year round.

Information about London weather today and for the nearest future

The mild and moderate climate of the city results from the North Atlantic current. In winter, wind brings warmth and during the summer time it provides coolness that everyone needs. London weather today is characterized by bearable temperature level al the year round. At the same time, the precipitation amount is low.

Since the middle of July, the air gradually warms up to 20 degrees Celsius. The temperature rarely rises above +22 degrees. The highest figure was registered several years ago, when the temperature reached +38 degrees Celsius. Precipitation level increases during winter time. The air temperature amounts to +2-+7 degrees Celsius.

You can find out weather in London for today, tomorrow or next week using various services. One of them is Information about the weather conditions is updated every hour, so that users can always be ready for the freak weather.

Peculiarities of the temperature in the United Kingdom

The favorable location of Great Britain and the moderate oceanic climate is the most significant factor that influences the air temperature in the region. Warm winter is characterized by a small amount of snow. Temperature in the United Kingdom is -10 degrees Celsius. Those country regions that are situated far from the warm current are characterized by cold winters.

During the warmest month, the sea warms up to +17. Unpredictable temperature air in the United Kingdom are typical for July and August. Since warm air can rapidly turn cold, it is recommended taking outer garments. The air temperature fluctuates between +15 degrees in the evening and the comfortable level of +22 degrees Celsius during the daytime.

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