How Technology is Helping the Betting Industry Grow

Millions of people around the world enjoy a wager on sport. This has grown into a very popular hobby for many, and the industry continues to grow because of this. Part of that growth has been aided by technology, coming together to bring new and exciting improvements to the industry.

From those who bet once a year on the big events such as the football World Cup to those who bet weekly on horse racing, golf and many other sports, technology is improving the service you use.

It can sometimes go unnoticed but without these, we would see a very simple sports betting platform that had many limitations, thankfully we don’t.

Mobile Betting to Add Convenience

Without a doubt, the biggest addition that technology has brought to the betting industry has been the creation of mobile betting apps. These can be used to place a bet anywhere.

All you need is your mobile phone, which the majority of us carry all the time, and a connection to the internet, which most of us have via our mobile phone contracts.

With these two and an app downloaded to your phone, you are only ever seconds away from placing your next bet.

The world of betting has never seen this level of convenience, allowing players to bet when they want, where they want.

Gone are the days of travelling to your local betting shop to place a bet, and also gone are the days of only being able to bet at home via your computer. You choose when you want to bet, and thanks to an app, your bookmaker is always waiting for you.

Live Streaming & Betting to a New Angle

When you log onto any betting website, you will see an in play section. This is home to in play betting, while many of the top bookmakers also offer live streaming here.

You can even use free bets while playing inside the in-play section of a betting website. The free bet aka welcome bonus are great to use when you are new and finding your feet on something like the in-play markets.

From a betting point of view, with this, there is no longer any need to place your bets ahead of the event starting. You can watch a small part of the action and then bet accordingly based on what you have seen.

As for live streaming, we all love to watch sport and keep up to date with what is happening, especially if we have placed a bet on the outcome.

Many events without TV coverage are now available to us thanks to live streaming from bookmakers, which is fantastic to see and a big boost to many people.

What Does the Future Hold?

With so much work done to bring new ideas to the betting industry, it is probably worth looking at all new technology and gadgets, as they could potentially be the next piece in the puzzle.

The post Covid-19 world is going to be different, but bookmakers should still find room to grow their service.

One big recent idea that could be seen shortly in the betting industry is voice software. We have seen specific gadgets made using voice software, and also this being introduced on things such as our phones.

Could the next move be to enable voice software on our betting apps? Rather than scrolling through many betting markets to find what you want to bet on, you could speak your bet into the device and let it place the wager for you.

This may be some way off, but don’t be surprised to see more technological advances crossover and be used by the betting industry.

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