5 Modern Uses For A Shipping Container 

If you’re thinking of ways to make use of a shipping container, then your choices are vast. The popularity of shipping containers has increased throughout the years not only because they’re durable, but they’re also a cheaper alternative to building a structure. 

That’s why if you own or decide to buy one, here are some modern ideas to maximise a shipping container’s functionality: 

Portable Loo 

One of the best ways to take advantage of a shipping container is to transform it into a portable water closet. This is true for construction sites, events, and the like.  

You can rely on companies like Royal Wolf to modify the shipping containers for you. You can request for a unique design, logo, or colour.  

Then, you also need to make your portable loo complete by installing sanitary wares, partitions, plumbing system, electrical system, PVC floor, and insulation sandwich panel. You can also add a mirror, lighting, and tank, depending on your purpose. All these will impact your toilet’s functionality. 

Art Gallery 

Aside from portable toilets, you can also make an art gallery or exhibition space out of shipping containers. You can use re-imagined or re-purposed standalone showpieces or original forms of shipping containers.  

You can make a stunning roof-top terrace or multi-level exhibition space to show off your art pieces. This can easily be assembled and disassembled in a couple of days. What’s even interesting is that you can move it anywhere.  

So, if you plan to let more people visit your art gallery, you can do so by traveling from one place to another. With your transformed shipping container, you won’t have to worry about renting exhibition spaces. 


shipping containerYou can also open your cafe using a shipping container so that you wouldn’t have to worry about leasing a building space. You can make it mobile just like the art gallery. Being mobile, you could do without monthly rents and just use the funds to upgrade your products and services. You can try out various spots and find the perfect area to grow your cafe.  

Especially if you’re starting up, a cafe out of a shipping container may be an inexpensive choice, perhaps even more affordable through loans. Just find the container that suits your budget. 


If you want to have a home without the hassle of renting or a mortgage loan, you can try shipping containers. You can use these containers as an alternative to traditional housing.  

Even if it’s inexpensive compared with traditional housing, shipping containers are inherently strong. They can survive extreme weather because they’re durable and tough. As such, your shipping container house can survive storms as well.  

Aside from that, the steel material makes it resistant to pests and bugs. You don’t have to worry about termites even if you have wood floors because the building’s internal frame is steel. 

Commercial Office 

Just as you can turn a shipping container into a house, you can use it as your commercial office too. This is a trend for most businesses because of its benefits. 

If you’re starting, you can use one shipping container and later on combine two or more. This way, you can make larger structures. The advantage is that it’s easier to plan, transport and design.  

Moreover, if you plan to turn a shipping container into a commercial office, you don’t have to spend much. It’s because the overall labor is cheaper than in the typical construction of an office


There are other ways you can use a shipping container, and those mentioned above are just a few ideas. The common denominators are affordability and durability as opposed to traditional structures. Moreover, you can turn the shipping container to whatever purpose you have in mind, such as a portable water closet, an art gallery, a house, or commercial office. 

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