5 Eyewear Tips to Guarantee an Eye-Catching Look for Every Occasion

While some like to keep their style simple and straightforward at all times, others like to experiment with fashion, achieving different looks for various occasions. Different outfits call for multiple accessories to match the vibe and complete the look. This is something to consider if you wear glasses, as matching your frames to your outfit can add the finishing touch. Today glasses have become a popular fashion accessory, so why not take joy in wearing them? Whether you’re looking for stylish eyewear for work, evening dos or holidays, here are 5 eyewear tips to guarantee an eye-catching look for every occasion.

1.    Know your face shape

Before choosing frames, make sure you know your face shape, as this will ensure that you select a pair best suited to complement you. Most style frames suit an oval face shape, so you can rest assured that the options are endless if this is you. However, if you have a round face, you’ll find that wayfarer, rectangle, and square eyeglasses work wonders. In contrast, round, cat eye, oval, and aviator frames are best to avoid.

2.    Get the size right

Once you have determined which frames suit your face shape, it is essential to get the size right so that they fit you perfectly and don’t cause any discomfort when wearing them. Please note that your frames should sit no higher than your eyebrows, and the width of your eyebrows should not be larger than the width of your face at the temples. The bottom edge of your frame should sit away from your cheeks to avoid friction and irritation. The arms should fit comfortably over your ears, and the nose bridge should not dig in or slip down your nose.

3.    For work

Choose classic understated eyewear to give you a conservative yet elegant look. Rimless frames work wonders to complement a variety of business attire, while a delicate metal frame can also do the trick. We recommend steering away from anything bold in colour as these are deemed less practical for the work environment and aren’t as versatile.

4.    For evening

When pairing glasses with evening wear, a good rule to remember is that opposites attract. Therefore, if you plan on wearing something elaborate, you may want to choose a more relaxed style frame to keep the attention on the outfit. Soft frames with rounder curves look best when teamed with suits, whereas angular styles can be paired with dresses to provide a striking contrast.

5.    For holidays

Before choosing eyewear for your holiday, consider what kind of holiday you’re going on first. If you’re planning on visiting a sunshine drenched destination and are looking for an easy breezy look to achieve the perfect laid-back style, opt for delicate frames. Think rimless or semi-rimless frames crafted from metal as opposed to fully rimmed acetate frames. These will give you that relaxed holiday look. Furthermore, don’t forget to consider the appropriate lenses. Transitions are the most practical if you’re looking for something that doubles up as shades when sunbathing on the beach. Another suitable alternative would be sun tints for your glasses prescription in sunglasses.

If you’re considering an action-packed sporty holiday, you may wish to opt for a frame style that reflects this best and provides you with a snug fit not to fall off. Brands such as Oakley are best for this. Oakley features lightweight, durable, high-performance frames; they also feature distinctive designs crafted to precision with the latest technology. They will give you the ultimate athleisure aesthetic, also suitable for the urbanite planning a city break.

Additional styling tips

  • Opt for contrasts – choosing frames that contrast with your outfit will ensure that the attention is focused on where you want it to be. For example, if you’re wearing something simple, go for more dramatic frames to stand out. If you’re wearing something louder, opt for a subtle frame in one colour.
  • Consider your complexion – if your skin has a warmer undertone, go for cool hues to complement it.
  • Choose lenses best suited to your prescription – this will make all the difference to how you rock your eyewear. For example, if you have a strong glasses prescription, choose a high index lens. These are thinner and lighter than standard lenses and will appear more attractive.

Now that you have all the eyewear tips you need to look stylish at all times; you can enjoy picking a frame or two. At Feel Good Contacts, you’ll find a range of prescription glasses from top designer brands at up to 40% cheaper than the high street. Whether you’re looking for something subtle or more extravagant, you’ll be sure to find a variety of frames at affordable prices.

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