What Brexit Could Mean for the Entertainment Industry – Is LTE Needed for a Good Gaming Experience?

In a referendum held on the 23rd of June 2016, the majority of the British people who voted chose to leave the European Union. Nine months later on the 29th of March the following year, the Prime Minister formally triggered Article 50 and what was supposed to be a two year countdown to Brexit began. The process has been nothing short of complicated and frustrating, and after multiple extensions, the election of a new prime minister and months upon months of confusion, Brexit finally came to pass on January 31st, 2020.

So it is finally all over… well, not exactly

For the foreseeable future, not much will change. Britain is still currently inside the European Union’s single market and customs union, trade is unimpeded and the free movement of people is still active. There is a general outline that will see Britain fully leave the European Union in 2021, but based on the process up to this point, it would be naive to think that this will go without a hiccup or two. If a trade deal is not in place by the turn of the year, Britain would leave the European Union in what would effectively be the same as a dreaded no-deal Brexit. With this continued possibility hovering over the British Isles like a dark cloud on a stormy day, it is no surprise to hear that both sides will be making pre-emptive preparations for the economic fallout that would inevitably happen in 2021 if a deal is not struck. And what does all of this mean for the common man? Will it affect culture? Internet speeds? Online Gambling laws for Sportsbetting, Bingo and Online Casino sites with a UK license? Let’s take a look…

Is The New Timeline Realistic?

Many believe that this is not enough time to address everything that needs to be addressed and so, the uncertainty of Brexit is set to continue for the foreseeable future. British citizens will have heard, and at this point may be well and truly tired of hearing, the risks associated with their departure from the Europe Union, but there are some risks that may have been overshadowed in the media in recent months. January 31st, now being referred to as Brexit Day, witnessed thousands of Brexit supporters celebrate the United Kingdom cutting its ties with the European Union. From this point on, the people of Britain will begin facing the realities of life outside the EU, and many may be surprised on what this could potentially mean for the entertainment industry, as well as something closer to home, internet speeds.

Let Me Entertain You?

Brexit has caused a tremendous amount of uncertainty on both a macro and micro level, and as outlined above, it will still take time before we understand the full impact of the process. Unfortunately, the potential impact on the United Kingdom’s entertainment industry could prove to be devastating, and the biggest impact could be on the future ability to fund the production of television and film content. The United Kingdom has been a centre for both television and film production in recent years, and this has been hugely due to the availability of EU sponsored funding programs. The aim of these programs is to spread European film and other cultural industries around the European Union, and once Brexit is fully complete, this money will no longer be accessible for the United Kingdom.

What Does It Mean On The Ground?

Another potential impact of Brexit will be a major decline in UK internet speeds, with some claiming a harrowing return, however brief, to internet speeds similar to those in the 1990s. The majority of internet data is now transmitted via fibre-optic cables buried underground. Unfortunately, Britain and the European Union have not fully come to an agreement over the future use of the miles of cables that run between Europe and the United Kingdom. What will come as a shock to many, is that around 90% of European internet cables belong to private companies, and of those 90%, only one is owned by a British company. If the UK and the EU do not come to an agreement on the access to this cables, there is a real possibility that overnight, the UK would lose their access and internet speeds could drop by anything up to 70%.

A Glitch In The Matrix…

This would have a major impact on the UK’s ping, or latency, and for internet users who like to engage in playing games online using networking technology or accessing their favourite online casino, this is a cause for concern. When it comes to fast paced shooting games online, the difference of a few milliseconds can have an enormous affect. It might not sound like a lot in the grand scheme of things, but try telling that to an avid gamer who prides themselves on the speed of their hand-eye coordination. For many, when it comes to their gaming experience, this is literally a matter of life and death.

A Brave New World

Brexit has proved to be a confusing and worrying time for a huge number of people, and despite the celebrations on the recently dubbed Brexit Day, the uncertainty is set to continue. For many, Brexit has been the most stressful period of their lives, with hundreds claiming to have been left paralysed by fear and unable to sleep due to the lack of guarantees they have be faced with. It is obvious that there is still a huge amount to sort out and when it comes to the entertainment industry, the road ahead is unclear.

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