Why Is India’s Online Gaming Industry Proliferating?

Despite being a developing country, India has welcomed the online gaming industry for cataclysmic success in recent years. The country hosts a population of 1.3 billion people supporting the industry and providing it with all the resources and leads to help it thrive in the subcontinental market.

As mentioned already, the online gaming industry has only entered the Indian demographic in the last few years. The population has primarily reacted positively despite not having any previous interaction with the industry. This has encouraged Betting Exchange Software companies to invest in the Indian market and is now on course to grow by healthy margins in the coming decade.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the reasons for the online gaming industry rising quickly in India

The Second Largest Market In The World

As per widespread study reports, India is only trailing the US market for app downloads globally. Online gaming companies are looking at this encouraging fact, thereby expecting to double their investment efforts in the future. This is further supported because India has well over 500 million smartphone users for a rough 400 gaming startups.

The gaming industry in the country is enjoying continuous growth. This is due mainly to the fast development of digital infrastructure and the quality of gaming content. Today, the user can have his pick from a smartphone or online games, as there is an abundance of online gaming options for everybody. With increased quality and more generous in-game incentives, the overall online gaming experience draws more and more users to participate in the industry, thereby forging consistent growth.

The Hub ForInnovative Technology

Although a developing country, India is well ahead of when it comes to technological advancement. This is further evident in the uprising of smart cities and online trends, supported by faster connectivity- 5G. The availability of a premium connectivity network such as 5G provides online gamers with increased performance. Various industry experts and observers consider this to be the driving factor in the future.

Furthermore, the enormous potential in the Indian market is encouraging all kinds of investors to put money into the industry for increased returns. A foreign online gaming company had its spokesperson say that the excellent consumer base and an enormous workforce in this country encourage them to collaborate with Indian software developers.

Additionally, both Chinese and European software companies are investing significant sums to set-up India-based online game platforms. While this results in providing the Indian consumer base with a high standard of online gaming experience, it’s also providing for new employment opportunities.

Online Gaming And eSports Competition

Recent years have not only witnessed the growth of the online gaming industry, but it also branched out into several avenues, namely online betting platforms like casinos and eSports competitions. Last year, a popular survey titled India as the market leader in fantasy and eSports gaming in the previous decade, with remarkable revenue income.


The increased impetus on the online gaming industry has propelled India for global innovation. It has directly resulted in improved job employment opportunities as well as a boosted economy. The future growth of the online gaming industry is dependant on the socio-economic development of the country. The country will slowly lead towards value-driving consumption and comprehensive local development. This will be further backed by the various emerging technologies, which will add to India’s commercial reality.

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