Online casinos: How and why have they become big business in recent years?

When you take a more in-depth look at the domestic and international business world of recent years, one sector stands out as having enjoyed remarkable growth – the online casino industry. The launch of the first internet casinos to the current numbers this sector generates has been quite a ride for those involved. But how does this look in real terms?

The global online gambling revenue figures certainly make for interesting reading and show not only how this sector has grown in the past but where it might head in the future. 2019, for example, posted a global revenue figure of $58.9bn while 2020 came in at $66.7bn. With revenue predicted to jump to $92.9bn by 2023, it is obvious to see the upward curve this business sector is on. When you consider that this industry’s global revenue was just under $30bn in 2012, it becomes even more apparent.

But how and why have online casinos become so popular?

Online casino popularity – why has it happened?

This is the central question to consider for many people in the Northern Irish business community. Just why do people enjoy playing online casino games so much?

One reason is they simply like the convenience it offers. When you play online casino games, you do not have to get ready and dress in a certain way to get into a casino. Online casinos are also open 24/7. That means you can enjoy your favourite game whenever and however you like – from the comfort of your own home.

Online casinos also have a great selection of bonuses for players. These provide free credits to play with and help attract people to play over the internet. Of course, much of the appeal is down to the casino platforms themselves. There is a great variety that are fun, bright, safe and exciting to play at.

The Funzpoints Casino is a superb illustration of the variety on offer when it comes to casino platforms. As they are a free-to-play sweepstakes operator, they are perfectly legal to play at in places where fully-fledged online gambling for real money is not permitted. For more information on how these types of casinos work or the online casino sector in general, check out The website is a reliable source of information about the industry and brings together the best casino bonuses around.

The rise of online casinos – how has it happened?

While the facts around this industry prove its health, many people might still wonder how this has occurred.

Much of this comes down to two things – more advanced technology and changing consumer habits. In simple terms, many people do not want to visit land-based casinos and have fallen out of love with this way of playing casino games. Changing habits in how we live has seen many people preferring to play games online. This trickled down into the casino sector and has given online casinos a real boost.

Then there is the more advanced tech available to consumers and those behind the online casino sector. If you compare the tools available to those who now design casino platforms or games to those from even ten years ago, the difference is stark. They have offered better online casinos and games to consumers over time, which has helped the whole industry grow. The same is also true of the tech which people now use to access the sites.

Modern smartphones and faster, more reliable internet connections mean that online casino play is available to more people than ever. As a result, more players have come into the sector and helped it to blossom. The greater influence of tech in our everyday life has also meant we are more comfortable and more likely to enjoy leisure activities online.

Online casino industry shows no signs of slowing down

Perhaps unsurprising is that the recent COVID-19 pandemic has left this sector unaffected and has helped it grow around the UK. Of course, that has not been the case for every industry in Northern Ireland, where the impact of COVID on business has been far more harmful. With more people stuck at home with extra time on their hands to fill, online casino gaming has seen a surge in popularity – both in the UK and globally. Taking this and the general upward trend into account, it seems that the only way is up for the business sector.

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