How to use promo codes to grow your business

Very few things in the world can spur action and strangely enough, expenditure, like the word “free.” In business, both consumers and the supplier are always looking for the sweetest deal that is a perfect compromise between profit, utility, and quality. As a consumer, having a deal that gives you quality but also the possibility of spending as low as possible or getting a reward is an incentive that is hard to turn down. For suppliers and entrepreneurs, attracting, motivating, and retaining clients is a constant to-do task, which is made easier nowadays with the proliferation of promo codes. Promo codes are not only an excellent way to reward clients but a nifty way to measure your consumer ratings, KPI, and much more. Codes like PlayOjo and many more are popular now, but so can yours too.

Target the big days

Promo codes and coupons usually say “free,” but it will be crazy for a businessman out for profit, and who knows the value they are offering, give away that value for free. You want to incentivise the consumer, not hand them freebies, which could sometimes even have the opposite effect of a consumer thinking the product is not as valuable as advertised. Picking out specific events, days, or popular days, is a great way to start. Ex. Black Friday, Halloween, back to school, Christmas, etc.

Know your consumers

In the NBA, the saying goes “know your personnel”, well, in business, know your consumers. Offering a promo code is not just a way to reel in customers but also an effective way to retain the ones you already have. Knowing the type of people who patronise your business or service allows you to tailor the promos just right.

Serenade new clients/visitors

A new client or a visitor needs a reason to stay on and consume more of what you are offering or decide to, and the more reasons you have, the better. As a consumer, the goal is always to get the “best” deal, and a promo code could do just that for you as a service provider or supplier. Welcoming people to your site with a promo code to get a quick instant reward just for showing up is a perfect way to tell them you appreciate them stopping by, and you don’t forget such a gesture. It makes the user feel valued, as we all want to.

Promo Codes are Promo Codes

Good faith and intention are essential in business; they impact your credibility, just like a credit score. As a businessman, your credibility is key to your success, a very underrated intangible. If you set up a promo code, let it be exactly what it says, offers, or promises. Your clients must know that they can trust your word.

Promo Codes don’t last forever

While it is great to have people coming in for the freebie, it is also necessary that you do not diminish the value of your service or business by letting them think they can always have something for free, and you are constantly luring them. Expiring promo codes means the clients know that you will not offer them such great value at no cost for long, making them realise its worth.

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