Is social gaming with friends the new norm

Online gaming throughout 2020 and part of 2021 took a whole new level of meaning for some, as it provided gamers with the opportunity to use it as a form of socialising.

Of course, the world suffered a severe pandemic in which almost the entire population were forced to remain in their homes and avoid meeting other members of family or friends that they did not share accommodation with for an incredibly long time.

Indeed, whilst many would have been keen to make contact via FaceTime and Zoom calls as much as possible, there will have been many that decided to turn to games as a way of staying in touch and to share an enjoyable experience.

Social Gaming became huge

Naturally, gaming has always been a huge part of many people’s lives as there will be a wide array of people who play online games where they can compete against each other, with titles such as Call Of Duty and FIFA largely being some of the most popular.

However, the pandemic may have shifted things a little in regards to the gaming world, as friends have wanted to try and meet together online for a more social experience rather than one where they are continuously competing against each other competitive.

Whilst many would have turned to an online casino to play with friends, there will be many who used social gaming experiences such as Epic’s Houseparty, Jackbox Games, and Bunch – whereby they are able to play a number of casual games over a system such as Discord – which allows them to have as much fun as possible and still be in contact.

Will social gaming become the norm?

With the ability to combine social elements such as staying in touch with friends whilst still being able to play games, it would not be a surprise if social gaming was to become the norm in the near future.

Of course, one factor as to whether this type of gaming becomes the norm will depend on whether social distancing and other restrictions that were brought in during the pandemic – such as lockdowns – remain in existence, as more and more people would have turned to these games as they had more time on their hands than they would initially have had.

With restrictions set to be lifted in many places around the world – if they have not already – it would not be a surprise if we were to see a decline in social gaming as friends and families all have the ability to meet up outside and in a physical capacity; something that has been extremely missed over the last couple of years.

Don’t rule social gaming out completely

However, with how popular social gaming has proved to be over the last 18 months or so, and the fact that it still allows people to remain in touch in a way that other games simply do not allow to happen, it is something that many will want to continue.

Whilst there will be a decline due to the time individuals have, as well as the fact that they may decide to go back to their more traditional games, there will have been a number of people who had not initially been exposed to this particular game style that will want to continue to experience it as much as possible.

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