Future of Outdoor Sports Activities in the Post-COVID-19 World?

The Covid-19 has changed the entire world in a lot of ways. We no longer shake hands or hug people, and we no longer sit close to our loved ones. The impact of Covid-19 is so massive that it created issues for internet providers to cater to the increased online traffic. In such a situation, any sports lover would wonder what the future of outdoor sports would be after the Covid-19 pandemic is over. Already sports lovers have seen the cancellation of many events due to the virus, and it breaks their hearts. (I am one, trust me, it hurts, lol). Only limited sports events were taking place, which didn’t include close contact. 

Though the good thing is, all sports lovers can stream their favorite sports from the luxury of their homes because of the streaming service like BT Sports. 

However, living in the US, I had to use a VPN as I can’t watch BT Sports outside the UK, and ESPN alone was not enough to survive the lengthy lockdown. This led me to think about what the future of outdoor sports would be post-Covid. Will there be any future events or not!

So what will be the future of outdoor sports in the post-Covid world?

After such a long period of staying in lockdown, it has been anticipated that people will rush for outdoor activities as soon as the restriction lifts. But, at the same time, Covid has made people more aware of the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

Therefore it is expected that activities such as swimming, cycling, football, etc., will gain more popularity as compared to staying indoors and watching TV or movies. Because people have been watching online content locked in their houses for too long, and they want to feel some sunshine on their skin and enjoy outdoor activities more.

As people have missed out on live sports events in the post-Covid period, it is expected that people will attend events held in stadiums. At the same time, it is also possible that people will be willing to pay more for the tickets as they would finally get to witness live sports outside rather than on the TV, same would be the case with cinemas. 


Source: Lincoln International

However, people have become used to following safety protocols in Covid SOPs, and they would continue to do so in the post-Covid period. It can be because of Covid or paranoia caused by the pandemic. It means that now people might demand more hygienic set-ups and distanced sittings in stadiums or event halls.

Research also suggests that people will indulge more in activities that can be done individually or require one additional person. These activities may include running, cycling, fishing, or simply just going out to a park.

Furthermore, people are anticipated to indulge in outdoor activities that require a small group of people, such as hiking and camping, basically activities that would allow them to be social while maintaining physical distance at the same time!

All in all, it can safely be said that there will be a renewed interest in outdoor activities as people have suffered from being isolated and being locked down in their homes. In fact, according to the same research, there will be around a 35% increase in the demand for bicycles as 80% of Americans consider it to be safer than public transport. This is also primarily due to the fear caused by the pandemic.

Image Source: Lincoln InternationalAccording to Lincoln International, 37.7% of Americans will opt for more outdoor fitness-based activities and go out to public places such as parks and beaches for recreational activities. Around 50% of Americans also stated that they would opt for new outdoor activities within the range of 2 miles from their home. It also supports the idea that now due to the overuse of technology, people want to unplug and live in the present moment.

Another factor that will contribute to the increased interest in outdoor sports is that as companies have implemented work from home and found it to be a significant cost-cutter, many companies will not revert to calling the employees at the office. This factor will also cause people to indulge in outdoor activities and meeting people after work from home hours.

Companies that produce products related to outdoor activities or physical fitness are likely to get a significant jump in business since demand can be escalated. As gyms closed, many people opted to purchase exercise equipment, and the trend has only been growing.


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