Different Phases of life cycle of Bitcoins

If you have ever heard about Bitcoin cryptocurrency then it is possible that a number of questions may have come to your mind about the working execution of Bitcoin cryptocurrency. There are a number of digital currencies that are being used till date some of them are now the path of trash while some are still considered as Golden currency. Among them, the two currencies are on top because of their individual and exclusive nature. 

No Central controls

It is being used by a number of people around the globe. Bitcoin cryptocurrency has no Central controls and there is no headquarter of this network. Bitcoin takes place on computers and no one controls it. You can say that Bitcoin Digital currency is the backbone of the digital trading and online finance market. 

The creation of Bitcoin cryptocurrency is quite interesting. It all started back in 2008 when people faced a massive and drastic bankruptcy and lost their investments and jobs at the same time. People came on roads and started protesting against the injustice that they had just faced. The developers of Bitcoins are observing the whole situation very closely and after looking in depth they decided to launch Bitcoin cryptocurrency by which people can work in an independent manner without getting involved in the banking system.


As soon as Bitcoin was launched people loved the idea and they were very pleased. They were amused that they don’t have to visit any bank that is the headquarters to log into Bitcoin and they don’t have to do extensive regular meetings to make their business run . The whole concept of Bitcoin was digital and it had no physical existence and that was a point which gave birth to doubts in the minds of a number of people but the population was very positive about Bitcoin. 

Initially Bitcoin faced a number of challenges like any other new thing but soon people started investing in Bitcoins and now not only personal traders but some very big names are also interested in their money in the Bitcoin network.

Cycle of Bitcoins

Whenever a bitcoin to the currency is introduced in the market it has to follow some specific steps that are unavoidable. These steps or stages that make the Bitcoin currency network work properly are combined and called a Bitcoin digital currency cycle.

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Different phases

The mysteries of the creation of the world are very amusing and it has many hidden truths in it. Before working with Bitcoin cryptocurrency it is very important for you to understand the journey of Bitcoin and all the important phases of its life.

  • Whenever a bitcoin cryptocurrency enters in the accumulation stage its life changes. The accumulation phase of Bitcoin cryptocurrency is like a sunrise for it because this is the start of a new time period for it after it has faced a very drastic situation. This is a time when a number of investors started getting interested in Bitcoin and the purchase of Bitcoin cryptocurrency at our fast pace. The most expected outcome of this phase is an increase in the price of Bitcoin.
  • Once people accumulate some amount of Bitcoin cryptocurrency II phase comes which is the stocking up of Bitcoin. In this time the trading value of Bitcoin cryptocurrency started to increase gradually and people started thinking of holding this Bitcoin so that they can earn some massive amount of benefits out of their investment. Sometimes this phase can be an unfortunate situation for a number of people like stakeholders because we know that Bitcoin is very unpredictable in nature.
  • The third phase is the one that has made a number of Bitcoin millionaires around the globe and this phase is defined as a time period when people start getting fruit from their hard work. We have used the term hard work as a metaphor for the investment that people have made in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency platform. This is the top face of Bitcoin to the currency life because in this space people and a lot of benefits from Bitcoins.
  • The force field is the distribution phase in which it is expected that Bitcoins is about to go down in its rates. In this face people started looking for potential buyers for their Bitcoin so that they can distribute these Bitcoins.
  • The fifth phase is the downing or downsloping of Bitcoin cryptocurrency and this is one of the most risky, scary and uncertain times for Bitcoin cryptocurrency investment. This is a very critical phase specially for those who have invested in Bitcoin cryptocurrency for the first time. In this phase the  value of Bitcoin decreases to a certain limit. However just like any other face this is not a permanent time and this can be an indicator of the start of the second cycle for Bitcoin cryptocurrency.


The life cycle of Bitcoin cryptocurrency is very similar to any other digital currency but because Bitcoin has gained a lot of attention that’s why sometimes Bitcoin cryptocurrency shows very uncertain situations that leave the users in shock. From the year 2020 (end) we have seen that Bitcoin cryptocurrency is keeping its game high by  increasing its price upto 60000 US dollars.

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