Benefits of having a bottled water cooler during the COVID-19 pandemic

The consumption of bottled water continues to rise, even above that of processed foods. This means an increase in the use and production of plastics. How do we reduce this risk for the environment without giving up drinking high-quality water?

The answer can be found in businesses, as you can often see bottled water coolers in these establishments, allowing everyone to fill their cup or mug up as many times as they like and enjoy fresh water without the need to carry a bottle around with them every day. Water dispenser companies are finding that more and more individuals are opting to purchase bottled water coolers for their homes – particularly since the beginning of the pandemic.

What is a water dispenser?

A bottled water cooler is a device that provides water using a simple system: whether through a sensor or an activation lever, allowing each user to decide the temperature and quantity of water they want to consume at that time.

Some models require bottled water drums, while others feature internal filters that allow for connection to the local water supply to offer this liquid, free of chlorine or any other contaminants. All water dispensers should have a quality certificate to guarantee environmental protection and water safety.

The benefits of using a water cooler

What has caused the increase in demand for water dispensers? Eden Springs, a water cooler and dispenser distribution company with over 20 years of experience in the sector, points to their multiple advantages to explain this increase.

Reduced waste of water resources

Water is a scarce, finite and at-risk resource. The water war is in full swing on Earth, and has even extended to space exploration. The biggest drain on our resources stems from leaving taps running – 10 litres of water can be lost for every minute the tap is left on. On the other hand, cold-water dispensers only run while the button or lever is pressed or when a receptacle is placed underneath to be filled.

Improved hygiene in communal areas

In the midst of the pandemic, society has become aware of the risks of bacterial and virus contamination in communal areas. In contrast to public drinking-water fountains, the systems offered by these cold-water dispensers are optimally protected, thereby minimising risk.

Economic savings

Consuming large quantities of bottled water implies a significant cost for your family’s annual budget. Although the initial investment of a fresh-water dispenser is greater than what you might spend in a month at the supermarket, in the short and medium term your investment will be very clearly recovered.

Less environmental impact

Fresh-water dispensers are environmentally friendly, created with recyclable materials and, above all, help to reduce the production and consumption of plastics, and their appearance in our environment.

Home delivery

Finally, the consumer can forget about loading up on heaving drums or packets of bottled mineral water entirely. Water-dispenser installation companies like Eden Springs guarantee home installation and drum delivery/collection services, as well as any maintenance if you opt for a tap-water cooler.


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