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YouTubers as Modern-Day Stars

We live in an era of different values and traditions. One can argue whether the novelties that came in together with the latest technological developments are something to be thrilled about, but we have to accept them this way or another. YouTubers will be the main theme of the article, as you can guess per title. However, before we get to the point, let’s first get some insights into what they actually are and why did they become so popular overnight. We have worked with the esports team at bettingtips4you.com that have provided their expert’s view on this new trend.

Different values

Let’s compare a regular person from the 1970s to the standard modern-day man. According to our parents, half a century ago people had been much more bonded. People actually talked to each other, physically. People listened to others, tried to help, spent time together. Nowadays, unfortunately, most of us spend much more time on our phones, tablets, laptops, PCs, or any other devices than we do with each other. And that’s the whole point, dear gents. Do we truly appreciate mobile devices than we do one another? Do we care more about non-important stuff we can find online every single day or about our brother/sister’s problems? Is it possible that technological advancements have caused so much damage to society in general? As harsh as it may sound, this was the best possible introduction to the theme of the article.

Who are YouTubers?

Being a YouTuber is a profession. It did not exist in the previous millennium, but it does exist now. YouTubers are people who record themselves (usually) and their everyday habits. A strong sense of humor and a desperate will to succeed are two key elements for victory in this job. Just by the several previous sentences, one can hardly assume there is anything bad associated with the rise of YouTubers.

Nevertheless, the volume of their influence goes beyond your imagination and that’s a scary thing. From 2015 to 2020, YouTube has blossomed. It gave birth to thousands of creators with more than 1 million subscribers.

Who are subscribers?

Kids and youngsters make most of the YouTubers’ fan-base. Again, this has much to do with the changed values and traditions because nowadays it is much easier for parents to take rest when they are home and let their children use smartphones the way they like without controlling them. Kids like to watch YouTubers. Why? Because they can relate to them. Because YouTubers reveal their everyday routines, speak in a common language, and behave just like most of the young pupils in general.

Where is the problem?

What’s the biggest issue with such a rapid expansion of this specific “profession”? The fact that not all YouTubers are good ones. Sadly, the opportunity for earning large amounts of money through commercials, views, and generally the rise of popularity, has attracted all types of persons to YouTube. We’ve thus witnessed the emergence of YouTubers who follow poor values and who serve as a negative example to our children. Naturally, kids find these guys particularly amusing (which is in children’s nature), look at them as raw-models (instead of parents), and try to replicate what these guys do in their real lives. The society has to take a serious approach to this problem. We are all responsible and we should all pay strong attention to what our children do.

To conclude the article, it is important to know that there are also fantastic examples of positive YouTubers who made a tremendous impact on their subscribers in general. Nevertheless, distinguishing them from the bad examples is of a huge significance, especially when our children’s behavior is at stake.