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Why is the average cost of a hair transplant in Istanbul so low?

Hair transplant centres all over Europe are beset with a tricky question: how can hair loss clinics in Turkey adopt such a competitive pricing policy, with fees so low that none of the European Union countries can rival them? This has become a real issue since Turkey (and Istanbul in particular, with its more than 350 specialized clinics) is about to establish a sort of -de facto- monopoly in the hair surgery industry. This situation has created a deep crisis for many companies operating in the same field of activity, especially those located in the richest EU countries.

The roots of the lower-priced hair loss treatment in Turkey

There are many reasons behind this remarkable pricing gap, that can reach a ratio of 1:10 in a lot of cases (especially when compared to clinics operating in UK, Germany and France). With this in mind, let’s analyse this matter through a magnifying glass. Listed below are the key reasons for Turkey’s success in the field of hair transplantation.

  • low living cost: Things like rent, food and socializing is much cheaper in Turkey. As a result, everything costs significantly less than in most EU countries. And a hair transplant in Istanbul has an average cost that is in adequation to the overall Turkish cost of living.
  • an affordable price without losing quality: The most renowned clinics in Istanbul can provide their customers with first-class treatment. Especially with so many patients, coming from the richest European countries, who expects the same standards abroad as in the EU?!

The strategy is simple and yet profitable: having huge numbers of overseas customers allows the clinics to further reduce their prices. The companies that own those clinics tend to focus on advertising and offering top facilities for visitors. This is especially true in key countries such as France, Italy or Germany. The expression “medical tourism” was born a decade ago in order to describe this phenomenon.

Nowadays, a lot of travel agencies and tour operators organize trips to Istanbul from all over the European Continent. But also, many other locations (Central Asia, Russia, North Africa and even America). Besides the hospitalization and the surgery, those “medical holiday” packages include a tour of the city’s major attractions and a stay in a hotel before and after the clinical procedure.

  • the proximity of Turkey to the rest of Europe: It takes less than four hours to reach Istanbul from London; three and a half hours from Paris, less than three from Berlin and two and a half from Rome. This allows many people to avoid long travel times that usually result in more stress and inconvenience. This an important issue for those who are anxious about the upcoming surgery. 
  • the promotion of medical tourism through social media: The last and, apparently, most obvious reason is simply related to marketing. Just think of all those pages, groups and forums in which every day so many people post pictures depicting the success of their own experience before and after their own hair transplant in Turkey.

Elithairtransplant for example lets their patients freely express themselves in order to convince others. They also provide access to a free hair calculator, that allows people to get an idea of the expected costs for a hair transplant performed in their hair loss clinic located in Istanbul.


No matter what the underlying cause of the popularity of the Turkish clinics is, one should not be suspicious about the prices for hair transplants in the country. What remains the most important thing here is finding the right location, depending on the roots of one’s problem, how severe the condition is and what result is desired.

All in all, Turkey is a great example of how a country can find a perfect balance between quality and affordability and thus take its proper and well-deserved place in this specific market.