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What to Pack When Travelling for Business

Whatever stage of your career you’re at, it’s likely that you have travelled for work, whether it’s visiting international partners, attending training or scoping out potential growth opportunities.

Statistics show that in 2018, 6.6 million business trips were taken to the UK and 8 million taken from the UK. With the average business trip lasting 2 and a half days, employees travelling for business need to be savvy with what they take with them.

So, here are a few tips on what to pack for your next business trip.

Preparation is Key

It’s important to plan ahead when it comes to business travel and for frequent travellers, checklists will become your best friend.

Domestic trips are straightforward and probably require an overnight bag with just the essentials. However, travelling abroad requires a bit more thought. If you only have hand luggage allowance, it’s best to write a list what you’ll need as it’ll help ensure you keep your packing to a minimum. This brings us neatly to the question of what you should be packing…

What to Take with You

If you’re going on a domestic business trip, you’ll need to pack toiletries, a change of clothes, your phone and laptop/tablet, chargers and any business collateral. Also, keep your travel documents (such as train tickets) in a safe place that’s easy to access. If you take the same journey regularly, it’s worth looking into carnet tickets – they come in a handy-to-pack book of ten tickets and help frequent travellers save money.

For an international business trip, the most important things to remember are your travel documents and passport. On top of the aforementioned essentials, it would also be handy to pack international adaptor plugs, a WiFi dongle to stay connected, a spare battery pack and a guidebook for some key phrases. Don’t forget to check the temperature in the country you’re visiting and pack weather-appropriate clothing!

Making the Most of Luggage Space

Frequent travellers have streamlined packing down to a tee, so here are some clever packing tips to maximise the space in your luggage bags:

  • Vacuum pack bulky items like jumpers and socks
  • Roll up your clothes and put them any dead spaces (e.g. inside your shoes)
  • Use packing cubes to make sure everything is neatly organised and easy to find
  • Put technology in waterproof bags to avoid shampoo-based disasters

Whether you’re new to taking business trips or you’re a regular traveller for work, make sure your packing is streamlined and organised by using our top tips on how to pack for a business trip.