Why a rental car makes a holiday to The Netherlands great

The Netherlands is known for a lot of different stuff ranging from cheese, canals to tulips and windmills. Oh, and did I mention coffee shops already? Of course, there is way more the small country can offer. National reserves make it possible to experience the Dutch wilderness. Another great hideout is the islands of the Wadden. Here you can enjoy some peace, sea, and beautiful nature. Where does this all start? We could argue this starts with a car rental Holland.

What makes a car rental Holland the right choice

The public transport in The Netherlands is very well arranged. You can easily travel between cities and it is also possible to travel to smaller, remote places. However, the time it takes to reach these remote places is significant. Transfers make it hard and increase your time in transit. You often need to switch between different transport modes. This makes it undesirable to reach nature reserves or places such as the Wadden Islands. Besides that, there are the costs. A train ticket easily sets you back over twenty euros for a one-hour trip. This makes other modes of transport more attractive.

What about taking a cab?

This is an option the locals do not even consider. With a high cost of living and prices of a new car sky high, taking a cab is a luxury. A cab ride can set you back 50 euros easily when traveling from the airport to a place in a 30-minute radius around. In that case, you are also very dependent on the cabs to pick-up you up again. If you want to go on an economic holiday, this is not the choice for you. Besides, in remote areas, it is quite hard to get a cab.

Then there is only a single option left

Of course, that is not entirely true. However, it is one of the most convenient options that are easy to attain. Car rental Holland is an option that you can take directly from the airport. Simply order a rental car online and you will have it ready when you arrive. There is a car available for every budget, ranging from a Volkswagen Up to a luxurious Audi. The Netherlands is home to a very strong road network making use of the latest technologies. This makes it convenient and safe to drive a car yourself.

Car rental Holland options

Interested to start renting a car yourself? You can get started by making some simple decisions. First, where do you want to arrive? The airport of Amsterdam is often the most used as it is close to the country’s capital. By selecting the regional airport of Eindhoven, you are certain to have a lower price than Amsterdam. One of the leaders in car rental Holland is BB&L. They are active across the country in all budget ranges. Visit their website to learn more: https://www.bblcarrental.com/en/.

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