What’s in Store for 2021 in the World of Football

Despite the interruptions and disruptions to the footballing world, and indeed the wider world, during the 2020 calendar year, the top players, clubs and coaches have still managed to produce some truly amazing moments. This entertainment has allowed a glimmer of joy and happiness in an otherwise miserable year. The best moments of the 2020 footballing year have dazzled and with the play continuing into the new year and some postponed events now taking place in the new year, there is no doubt that 2021 has a lot in store for the footballing world.

Euro Championships

The big event of the footballing year next year for many has surely got to be the Euros. Postponed from the original 2020 date, they have been pushed back to 2021. As with any major tournament it will bring excitement and tears for many. Whilst the initial plan is to have the whole thing hosted throughout Europe, which would have given the tournament a unique buzz, this may change. Portugal will be looking to secure back to back wins in the competition after winning it for the first time in 2016 but other favourites will include England and Belgium. In an unlikely turn of events, Scotland made it to the Euros – their first major tournament since 1998 – and will consequently be playing England at Wembley in the group stage. If that’s not a tasty fixture I don’t know what is. The Euros is the pinnacle of international football within the continent (asides of course from the World Cup) and will be sure to provide some seriously great football, some amazingly passionate fans and hopefully, most importantly, a return to a bit of normality within the game again. Like any big football tournament the style of the competition makes it perfect for betting. The group stages allow for excellent opportunities to accumulate bet and the knockout stage of the tournament lends itself perfectly to more intricate sports betting and picking the best of these football betting selections.

A return of fans

What’s perhaps the most exciting prospect of the next year is not the potential silverware for the big teams or surprise underdog victories or even 40 yard screamers, it’s the slight possibility that fans will return to the arena around the globe and chant, sing and cheer their teams on to victory. The passion and loyalty of football fans is unrivalled in any other sport. The fans make the game. And they also affect the players. Without them in the stadiums the games are susceptible to even more upsets, flat performances and silent matches filled only by the buzz of artificial sounds over the tv. The best thing that 2021 could offer for the world of football is the return of fans, this would bring this sport alive again.

Liverpool again?

Back on the pitch and it’s hard to see a way past another triumphant Premier League victory for in-form Liverpool. The team has been stricken by injuries throughout the season but continues to soldier on and grind out results – a true sign of champions. After their first victory in 30 years last year the team will be wanting to project their legacy after another victory. With close rivals Man City faltering so far this season, this may be an easier run than last year to grab that all important Premier League Trophy. They are frequent additions to accumulators this season despite the really open nature of the league this year. They seem to be creating an era of dominance which would be solidified by a back to back league win.

Whilst Ronaldo (his stats this year are yet again, gobsmacking) and Messi still reign as dominant forces in the footballing world and the next superstar waits in the wings for their chance, world football has suffered this year. It would be wrong to say otherwise. And whilst FIFA and respective FA’s around the world have done a good job of managing the game within the applied restrictions in each country, it would’ve been impossible to not have disruptions. But as we move into a new year we all hold out hope that tournaments will go ahead as planned, players will keep on playing and that fans will be allowed back into the stadiums.

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