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The Largest Lotto Winners in Ireland Revealed

The Irish Lotto has been making citizens of the Republic of Ireland millionaires since 1988. In fact, its success paved the way for the UK’s very own National Lottery in the early 1990s. In the last 33 years, there have been some monster lotto wins achieved, some of which have resulted in eight-figure payouts not just seven-figure jackpots.

Within this article, we’ll delve deeper into some of the luckiest winners of the Irish Lotto to underline why this EuroMillions alternative is still a popular game for tens of thousands of Irish lotto players week in, week out.

€18.9 million – County Carlow Syndicate Wins in June 2008

The biggest ever Irish Lotto jackpot was snapped up by a lucky 16-strong syndicate of workers at a quarry and concrete plant in Bennekerry, County Carlow. The jackpot had been rolled over since early May, with significant interest drummed up nationwide for the draw on Saturday 28th June. The syndicate’s €32 Quick Pick ticket bagged them each a cool €1.1 million. Despite their victory, many of the syndicate returned to work the next day.

Note: Since that win, the Irish Lotto took the decision to cap the maximum rollover jackpot at €18.96 million. Once a rollover reaches this mark, no more money is added to the prize pot until it is won.

€16.7 million – Anonymous Winner in County Waterford in April 2010

One lucky winner scooped all €16.7 million of this Irish Lotto rollover in April 2010. The lucky ticket was purchased at a local store in Dungarvan in County Waterford. The store’s owner, Pat Whyte, insisted that the win “couldn’t have happened to a nicer person” and did not disclose the identity of the winner.

€16.3 million – Dubliner Becomes 400th Lotto Millionaire in October 2010

Another anonymous winner from Dublin became the 400th person to win at least a seven-figure sum on the Irish Lotto in the autumn of 2010. Although his identity is still unknown, he did confirm that he selected the winning numbers himself and not at random. He said that he wasn’t someone who regularly played the Irish Lotto and only played “when the jackpot is a big amount”.

€16.1 million – The Cunningham Family Win Their €4 Quick Pick in July 2007

At the time of the Cunningham family’s success on the Irish Lotto, the County Cork family had scooped the biggest ever Lotto win – all from a €4 Quick Pick ticket bought at Twomey’s Centra store in Farranree. Parents Paul and Helen were joined by their five children at the National Lottery headquarters in the capital to celebrate their success. The family were described as “salt of the earth”, with Paul working as a pub landlord in his native Blackpool suburbs. The Twomey’s Centra store which supplied the Quick Pick ticket also received a €15,000 taxable gift as reward for finding the next winner.

 €13.7 million – Anonymous Family from County Mayo Win With €10 Quick Pick in January 2016

Irish LottoSource: Piqsels

An unknown family living in County Mayo also bagged the Irish Lotto rollover in late January 2016 from a €10 Quick Pick ticket. Historically, the family had played the Lotto using numbers relating to loved ones, but this time around opted for a random selection from a newsagent in Belmullet. Their press release said the win would ensure they had money “for a rainy day for everyone [they] care about”.

Did you know? The county of Louth, the smallest in the country, has enjoyed more Irish Lotto winners per head of population than anywhere else.