Ten Best Adult Swim Series Of All Time

The Cartoon Network has long been a wonderful spot to watch animated entertainment. However, for many years, those programs were suitable for children and were mostly watched by youngsters. Adult Swim debuted in 2001 and became a success. When Cartoon Network relinquished control of its programming to Adult Swim’s twisted, perverted, raunchy world, the channel began airing late at night.

In comparison, Adult Swim has done a wonderful job in terms of original programming. They’ve also made it to live-action shows at last.

It’s time for us to assemble the 10 Best Adult Swim Original Works of All Time list.

1.   “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”

Adult Swim

For many individuals, this was the first time they had ever seen Adult Swim programming, and it quickly became one of the network’s most popular cultural trends. Aqua Teen Hunger Force is an animated comedy about three sentient food items named Frylock, Master Shake, and Meatwad.

How many times have you seen them? Do they always come to the rescue? They mostly just irritate their neighbor, Carl. Despite these shortcomings, they remain the most popular hood in town.

2.   “Eagleheart”

Adult Swim

Adult Swim owes a debt to Chris Elliott’s “Get a Life,” which promoted the absurdist comedic approach decades before it became popular.

Finally, he managed to pull it off on network television. Elliott eventually made his debut on Adult Swim with a new program called “Eagleheart,” which is essentially a spoof of a show like “Walker, Texas Ranger.” Even after he became a star, he could handle anything like this in his sleep.

3.   “The Boondocks”

Adult Swim

The Boondocks was different from Adult Swim’s other programs in that it was based on a comic strip rather than a narrative.

Adult Swim’s cartoons were often low-budget, but “The Boondocks” was quite well animated. It’s both hilarious and non-absurd, and it’s immune to the conventions of logic and reason. The Boondocks, an Adult Swim show, stands out among the network’s numerous offerings. A pleasant change of pace in the schedule, to be sure.

4.   “Perfect Hair Forever”

Adult Swim

By Adult Swim’s standards, “Perfect Hair Forever” is extremely strange. It’s a kind of anime parody, so knowing anime might be beneficial but isn’t needed. Action Hotdog is a cartoon character, and MF DOOM provided the voice of Sherman, a giraffe. Episodes aired at random times, but it was an incredible experience.

5.   “Children’s Hospital”

Adult Swim

There are hundreds of medical dramas on television; therefore, it’s only natural that some parodies would appear. That’s especially relevant in the age of shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” where it appears that everyone is sleeping with everyone.

“Children’s Hospital” is an insane spoof of soapy, melodramatic medical shows, with a guy clad in clown makeup coated in blood much of the time.

6.   “Sealab 2021”

Adult Swim

Before Adult Swim made its debut, Williams Street produced four shows. One of them was Sealab 2021, which aired the first three episodes in December 2020. The cartoon mixes archival footage from the 1970s Hanna-Barbera show Sealab 2020 with original animation.

The first season created a stir and set the tone for Adult Swim. Each episode had little in common with the one before it, and there was no continuity between them.

The characters were frequently killed when their base was destroyed. By the next episode, everything had returned to normal.

 7.   “Rick and Morty”

Adult Swim

If you can put aside some of the criticism from the “Rick and Morty” fanbase, you’ll discover a lot to appreciate in “Rick and Morty.”It’s more accurate to call it the most popular Adult Swim original ever right now.

This is a rather amusing example of what began as a “Back to the Future” parody. It has sci-fi and humor blended with a hefty dose of cynicism, yet it works.

 8.   “Delocated”

Adult Swim

The comedian and satirist Jon Glaser have a strong collaboration with Adult Swim, having had several shows on the network. But nothing compares to his masterpiece, “Delocated,” a show that takes a concept that appears limiting and pushes it to the brink.

Glaser plays a guy who is the star of a reality program and also participates in witness protection, so he’s always hiding behind a mask and disguising his voice.

 9.   “Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law”

Adult Swim

“Harvey Birdman” is my personal favorite Adult Swim program. This is a classic Adult Swim show from the network’s early years when shows were frequently about repurposing old Hanna-Barbera cartoons. Once, Birdman was simply another cartoon superhero.

He’s Harvey Birdman, a defense lawyer for Scooby-Doo and his companions when they’re accused of using marijuana. This is an excellent method to tackle the concept. Stephen Colbert was among the voice cast.

10. “Robot Chicken”

Adult Swim

“Robot Chicken” is for you if you like popular culture and are watching Adult Swim late on a weekday night. Well, if you’re Seth Green’s age and enjoy all of the things he grew up loving, “Robot Chicken” is tailored to your needs.


Since its debut in 2001, Adult Swim and its programs have been a creative force in late-night comedy programming. Adult Swim programs have been highly innovative and influential, gaining accolades and honors for creativity and influence that many people are not aware of.

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