Most Popular Premier League Clubs in Asian Countries

Ganassa, a company specialized in providing digital content of football in East Asia, made a research about the favorite European clubs in each country. According to them, it was the first research like that to be made in the continent.

It was no surprise that the favorite league in Asia was the Premier League, as it is currently one of the best leagues in the world, counting with strong teams and great players, which always call the attention of fans around the globe.

Author Kate Richardson searched about this research and brought to you which Premier League teams are the most popular in each country that participated in it.

One thing that we can already say is that Manchester United is the most popular club in Asia, being followed by Liverpool, who called a lot of attention from fans in the continent after their good performances in the last years.


In China, the most popular club is Manchester United, which is not a surprise as it is the most popular club in East Asia. This probably happens because the Red Devils had some great moments in recent times and even won two FIFA tournaments in Japan, calling the attention of the Asian fans.

In second place, Arsenal was chosen by the Chinese people and in third place we see Liverpool.


Japan is an interesting case, as the research shows that any fans in the country change teams frequently. Nowadays, the most popular team in Japan is Liverpool and it makes sense, as the Japanese fans like to support teams that count with Japanese players.

One thing that shows this support for clubs with Japanese players is the fact that United used to be the most popular club in Japan while Shinji Kagawa played there. Now, the Red Devils are not even among the top three. Many believe that, if Takumi Minamino receives more chances and becomes a starting player in Liverpool, the club’s popularity could increase even more in Japan.

South Korea

The other only country in which Manchester United was not the top club in popularity. In South Korea, the fans have chosen Tottenham to support and we can think of a very specific reason to that: Son Heung-min.

The South Korean player is one of Tottenham’s main stars and has shown great football for the past years. It makes sense that the local fans will support a club that has a South Korean not only being part of the squad but being an important piece of the team.

In South Korea, it happened the same as in Japan. Manchester United used to be the most popular, while they had Park Ji-sung in their team, but after his departure many fans decided to change teams. With Son having great performances in a big European club, the Korean fans have a team to support.

Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore

These three other countries, as China, also have Manchester United as their most popular Premier League club.

One interesting fact is that, differently from most countries in East Asia, where the top three clubs are from England, Indonesia and Vietnam count with Barcelona among their top three. In the first, the Spanish club is the second favorite, while in the second they are in third place among the fans.

Singapore counts with three English clubs among the top three: Manchester United on first place, Liverpool on second and Arsenal on third.


Premier League clubs in East Asia

The research, apart from bringing the favorite clubs of the Asian fans, also discovered some other interesting facts. One of them, for example, is the fact that even with the time difference, as the games usually happen early in the morning or late at night, Japanese fans really follow their teams, with a good percentage of them saying that they watch all matches.

Another interesting fact is that, among the women that support European football, their favorite club is not from the Premier League. Surprisingly, among the ladies, the most popular club is Barcelona.

Among the leagues, as we said in the beginning of the article, the Premier League is the favorite in all the countries that participated in the research. In second place, we see the Spanish La Liga. In third place, in most countries, you will find the Italian Serie A. However, in South Korea, the third place goes to the German Bundesliga, as many Korean players have played there.

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