Nombox connects HomeCooks to hungry diners

A Belfast based startup, Nombox Ltd is looking to be the bridge between hungry diners looking for healthy eating options & home based cooks. The startup is looking to create a new category by organising the home based cooks together.

Currently in its pilot phase, the startup is onboarding Homecooks in Belfast & Cardiff areas while  developing the technology to further expand in the UK. If you are interested to sign up as a home chef, click here.

Nombox Ltd platform will allow customers to explore & buy home cooked food from local chefs in their neighborhood. The chef’s are onboarded after a rigorous process to ensure they have the necessary license & hygiene rating to operate & sell home cooked meals. Nombox Ltd  can also assist passionate homecooks to obtain these required licenses to operate.

“The idea was born out of frustration to find pocket friendly healthy meals. Me & my wife are both working professionals & end up having takeaways most of the time. We then found a few homecooks in our area which looked like a healthier & pocket-friendly solution to the dilemma of most people like myself who don’t have the time to cook”, says Ninil, one of the founders of Nombox.

NomboxWith Nombox looking to organise the homecook playfield, the food & beverage industry has a new entrant that is sure to create a niche in the market.

The food delivery market is rapidly increasing worldwide and 2020 has seen the segment expand further. Nombox provides the platform for these homecooks to reach new customers and make a successful living.

40% of UK citizens follow a healthy and balanced diet and 1 in four are so overworked they don’t have time to cook. With takeaway or fast food joints the only option currently, a healthy & pocket friendly alternate will have good takers.

“We are super excited to pilot our idea in Belfast & hoping to get enough support & resources from the startup ecosystem here to give us a headstart when we launch in the major cities in the UK”, says Ninil.

If you are passionate about cooking or looking for healthy homemade food, head to now. Avail a £10 off on your purchase with code NOMNOM10 for your first order.

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