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Keeping You Knowledgeable About Edmonton Window Replacement

Choosing the best replacement window Edmonton is an important aspect in any form of rehabilitation project. This is because windows are essential parts of the building design. However, the availability of various window systems today can overwhelm a homeowner when choosing the best replacement window. To overcome this challenge, NorthTech Windows and Doors has researched the internet and come up with frequently asked questions concerning window replacement.

This guide about FAQ is what you need before embarking on your Edmonton window replacement project. However, before that, let’s dive into principles governing replacement windows.

Principles guiding replacement of windows

If windows can be seen from the streets or public ways, they form an important part of individual architectural character of the building as well as the neighborhood character.

When proposal for replacement windows is made for any structural building, the new windows which are visible publicly, should reveal neighborhood character and the subject being built in terms of glazing, exterior profiles, size, finish, operation and arrangement.

Character-defining and historic window features on significant architecture structures should be repaired and retained in all possible means.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions about Window Replacement.
  2. Is a building permit required to replace windows?

Any replacement window visible by the public requires planning department review which includes:

  • Primary elevation windows-Corner buildings should have primary elevations.
  • Back wall windows which can be seen from the street.
  • Windows that are on the side of a building or in a recessed area near or next to a street.

Is it practically possible to replace historic windows having vinyl, aluminum or fiberglass?

Is it possible to get aluminum or vinyl windows that resemble wood painted replacement windows from the street? Originally, wood windows are installed on most residential buildings during Edmonton window replacement. Such buildings are usually viewed from the street at a close range. It is easy to detect the difference between wood windows and substitution materials. Especially older buildings which stand out don’t match neighborhood character. They appear like plastic or aluminum materials which don’t enhance the architectural design of the building.

The primary reason why vinyl, fiberglass and aluminum windows don’t look similar to the painted windows is because the painted have flat exterior appearance. Besides, their design doesn’t match with dimensions of most common windows. Aluminum, vinyl and fiberglass windows mostly lack an important aesthetic detail that is available in older wood windows.

However, some manufacturers have begun producing aluminum windows with high quality and several colors and profiles for high-end window replacement.

Is the maintenance and initial cost of wood windows higher compared to that of aluminum and vinyl windows?

Custom-made wood windows are more expensive than standard windows. Wood windows also require high maintenance compared to windows made from the other materials. However this depends on location, water exposure, sun exposure, wood quality, priming and paint quality. Aluminum and vinyl windows do not require painting, but they aren’t maintenance free because they do fail after a few years. However, many homeowners consider them for Edmonton window replacement.

Can I consider wood windows that have aluminum, vinyl, or fiberglass clad exteriors?

A clad window is a window made primarily of wood but with additional materials like vinyl on the exterior face for the purpose of maintenance. Clad windows are not the best especially for use in window replacement on older commercial and residential buildings. These structures mostly need pure wood windows that complement the entire architectural design of these structures.

Current markets have a variety of windows that have been constructed with closer-like materials attempting to match profiles and styles of historic windows. Planning departments allow reviewing of all new products to review how compatible they are to older structures. In some cases, the planners prefer to approve clad replacement windows which are visible from streets if they are compatible in terms of architecture.

When it comes to choosing the right window material for your Edmonton window replacement, it is essential to understand the needs of your home.