Easy Car Maintenance Tasks You Can Do

Having a car entails a lot of expenses especially nowadays that the gasoline price is increasing rapidly. This is not to mention the automotive expenses. That’s why many car owners are looking for the best ways to cut the cost of automotive expenses such as routine maintenance. For those handy people, they can save a great amount of money by doing simple car maintenance without the help of a mechanic. Here are some advises from bestvindecoder.com that you can do:

Changing oil – This is one of the most important tasks in maintaining your vehicle to ensure that the engine will last for a longer time. However, see to it that the oil isn’t hot, otherwise you’ll get burned. Changing the oil can make you dirty, but it takes less than an hour and would surely save you a considerable amount of money.

Replacing the spark plugs – Changing the spark plugs is an easy maintenance task that you can do alone. To avoid mistakes, you shouldn’t disconnect more than one spark plug at a time. Keep in mind that the spark plugs should be in proper order for the engine to perform otherwise your car won’t run.

Replacing the battery – Before doing this task, you should understand that the battery has a negative and positive terminal. If you will put on a new battery, you should disconnect first the negative side because it’s where the electricity runs towards the positive terminal. If you’re using a wrench, make sure not to touch both terminals simultaneously to avoid being grounded. You should be prepared to see sparks when connecting the terminals; it means that the battery is well and alive.

Checking the fluid levels – This is quite simple to do as you will just measure the level of the fluids by using a dipstick. Aside from measuring the level of the fluid, you should also check the color of the oil.

Headlights – Replacing the headlights of your vehicle would only take you few minutes. Doing it on your own can save you for the labor cost and you would only spend by buying a new headlight.

Flashing the radiator – Before doing this task, you should ensure that the radiator has cool down before you get under the car. In draining the radiator, make sure to avoid spill because it is dangerous to pets. After draining the fluid completely, the next thing to do is to fill the radiator with distilled water and the radiator flush solution. This will prevent corrosion and calcium deposits as compared to using tap water.

Maintaining the tire pressure – Maintaining the required tire pressure is vital for your car to perform properly. The low pressure in the tire can negatively impact fuel consumption, handling, and safety. Checking the tire pressure can be done without driving your vehicle to a mechanic. All you have to do is to measure the pressure by using a pressure gauge that you can buy from any automotive store.

Replacing brake pads – This can be a complicated task, but for handy car owners, this can be done at home. It will save you a considerable amount of money. However, see to it that everything is properly secured and tightened. Keep in mind that the brake is vital for your safety.

Checking the fuses – If the headlights of your vehicle suddenly go out while you drive, there’s a great possibility that the fuse has blown out. If you have spare fuses, you can do it on your own. Hence, it will save you money.

Changing the fuel filter – This maintenance task can be done easily without the help of a mechanic. The first thing to do is to relieve the pressure in the fuel system.

Knowing the simple maintenance tasks that you can do on your own won’t only save you money, but can also give you the chance to know more about your vehicle. Aside from doing those tasks, cleaning your car by using the best car vacuum should be given attention. This would make the interior of your vehicle clean. The upholstery of your vehicle should be cleaned thoroughly and this can be possible through the best car vacuum.

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