Competitive Cyclist Streaks Ahead as Official Tour de France Retailer

Although it doesn’t get the same amount of press as the football World Cup or Super Bowl, the global interest in the Tour de France should not be underestimated.

With an audience of around two billion all over the world, cycling’s grandest Tour remains the pinnacle of the sport – and the occasion that generates the most interest among hardcore cycling fans and more casual observers alike.

So partnering with the Tour de France brings with it plenty of commercial gain… Competitive Cyclist has been celebrating after being named the event’s official retailer in the United States.

Emulating Greatness

Although the likes of Tadej Pogacar and Jonas Vingegaard could do their grocery shopping without being noticed, for the most part, that duo is helping to shepherd in a new era of cycling brilliance.

The pair lead the way in the Tour de France betting in 2024, unsurprising given that they’ve shared the last four editions, with Pogacar, the 2020 and 2021 champion, just ahead of Vingegaard in the odds.

The cycling betting odds are just one way that fans of the sport can show their support for the Tour de France. The action is broadcast live via apps and TV channels, while thousands line the streets of the circuit, which takes in stints in both Italy and France in 2024.

Of course, the ultimate way to emulate Pogacar and co is to slip into some lycra and take to the road – a mindset that Competitive Cyclist will be hoping to tap into during and after the Grand Tour.

The Amaury Sports Organisation (ASO) operates the Tour de France, signing off on the various commercial partnerships that the race relies upon. They have named Competitive Cyclist as the only place in America to source officially licensed products – enabling the firm to cash in on an audience of around 50 million active cyclists in the United States.

It’s just another example of how a worldwide sporting phenomenon can still benefit small and medium-sized businesses all over the globe.

Two-Wheeled Tourism

As well as bringing traffic to online retailers, the Tour de France is a fantastic boomtime for the local economies of the various villages, towns, and cities that the race passes by.

It’s one of the reasons that welcoming the Grand Départ has become such a commercial gain over the years – the cost of ‘acquiring’ the rights to the start considered a mere loss leader compared to the benefits that it brings.

Florence, the city that welcomed the first stage of the 2024 Tour de France, reportedly paid ASO £2.5 million for the privilege – recognising that visitors to the city and its famous landmarks, such as the Duomo and Ponte Vecchio bridge, would line the coffers of the local economy accordingly.

According to local councilor Nicola Armentero, around £16 million is expected to be made by the city in tourist revenue.

The Tour de France can have a transformative effect on businesses all over the planet. While the financial perks of a Super Bowl or a football World Cup are typically exclusive to the host city/country, the Grand Tour is a truly global affair.

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