Casino DIY

A casino night is always a great night out whether you are an experienced gambler or just having a night out with your friends but what if there was a way you could bring all your friends together for a casino night in the comfort of your own home?

We have some useful tips and tricks on how you could build your own casino games to fit into your living room so that you and your friends don’t need to worry about who is designated driver, memberships and parking.

Unfortunately, building a DIY slot machine might be a stretch too far, so take a look at some of the best online slots. You could look into designing your own online slot if you are a JavaScript expert or if you are good with code. There is also another fad which is using blockchain tech to design video slots. Some of the best online slots coming in the future will likely be fully integrated into new blockchain code.


Firstly, if you are a fan of craps, then you will need to make some dice, all you need is some cubes of wood which will need to be painted, eight white and eight red cubes, then use a marker pen to mark the dots on each dice. You can find a craps table template online which can be printed out and decorated however you see fit, and then if you have a pool table, your recreated template could be placed on the inside to give it a real craps table feel. If you would really like to go the extra mile, then you could find some wooden sticks to recreate the crap sticks you would find on a croupier at a real casino.

Card Games

Card games are relatively easy to recreate in your home because most people own a set of cards, but if you’re planning to really create a tailored, casino atmosphere, then you will need more than one set of cards. Of course, card decks are very easy to acquire, but if you wanted to personalise the experience, then you can use Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to produce your own customised cards. The exact size of standard cards should be 3.5 by 2.5 inches. This way you can also use whatever logo or picture to go on the back of the cards to create your very own brand. Alternatively, you could draw your own designed cards.

If you wish to build your own card game tables, again you can find the templates for this online and print off to fit on a dining/coffee table.


Building your own roulette table may be a little trickier and time-consuming. You will need a Lazy Susan, so if you already own one or something similar, then great, but if not, then borrowing one may be your only option. Players can find templates for the wheel online that you can print off and stick to a circle or board. A hole will need to be cut in the centre where you could place a silver salt shaker for an authentic look. To recreate the pockets on the wheel, you could then intertwine some wire together. Once this is completed, simply place on top of the Lazy Susan so that it will spin. For the ball, you can use a marble or a ball bearing and for the chips and table, you can again find templates for these online that can be printed and used how you see fit.

If you are looking for extra inspirations, then why not learn some more about the iGaming industry and possibly try to integrate some online games at your DIY casino.

So if you’re a regular casino goer or even just a visitor on the odd occasion, you will be able to see how some of the above ideas could be fun, even if it’s just an excuse to get your friends together. A casino night can be as adventurous as you want, from just playing some cards with a homemade blackjack table to having a full casino with all your favourites constructed in your living room but if all this seems like too much effort or you just prefer the real thing, then make sure you keep up with all the latest news from the gambling world.

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