Car Maintenance Myths

How many years have you been gullible to popular car maintenance myths? They were apparently innocently created with good intentions, but sometimes somebody has to break this auto maintenance fiction not only for educational purposes but for efficiency as well. There’s no way you can let these myths mess up with your car – most importantly with your head. Now, turn on your best car vacuum cleaner, and let’s get started with the clean-up! These myths have long gone made messed-up realities of their own. Allow experts from to burst the bubble for you.

They say you need to change engine oil every 3,000 miles.

This car maintenance advice clearly does not cause any harm to your vehicle, but it definitely costs you a few bucks! You see, car companies nowadays boast of the quality and efficiency of the cars they produce. Having to change oil every limited mile opposes the whole pride thing. Besides, each car has its own manual that says otherwise of the information the myth provides. More often than not, cars are capable of a continuous road trip for up to 7,500 miles or more before the next oil change is needed. Check the manual for yourself.

They say turning the car air conditioning on contributes to wise fuel management

You willingly oblige to this myth in the hopes of saving gas. Is there truth to this? According to CNN, there might be a little truth to it. However, this truth doesn’t really make relevant differences in figures whether air conditioning is turned on or not. Yes, the use of air conditioning may put more load on the engine, but would you rather choose a minimal, barely noticeable savings in gas than undeniable comfort? You have to know your priorities on this one.

They say that premium fuel is so much better for your car

Now, this one is another myth that does nothing but burns a hole in your pocket. It originally starts with the logic that if regular-grade fuel does good to your car, then premium fuel must do wonders! Nope, it doesn’t work that way. It will only make you wonder where your money goes in the long run. Premium fuel does not elevate your car’s performance. Yes, it could be an alternative for regular-grade fuel, but it certainly is an expensive alternative. So why bother?
They say it is advisable that you warm up your vehicle well before starting a drive.

This is applicable for vintage or pre-used vehicles, but many things have changed. Nowadays, considering the existence of modern vehicles and the changing seasons, this myth can only be taken seriously during winter. The icy weather conditions from December to March needs to be recognized for a smooth and safe drive. Admit it, you can’t drive on frozen wheels! You can’t go on with fuzzy windows either! Thankfully, you don’t have to do this all year long! CheckCarDNA experts say that the best warm-up for modern vehicles is to drive them. By doing so, the satisfaction of car owners is increased because of improved performance and mileage.

They say that washing your car with detergent is okay and is not a big deal

Of course, it’s a big deal! You didn’t buy or loan a car to just ruin it. Yes, that’s how serious detergents are into making your vehicles look like wrecks. Detergents easily affect a car’s color and finish, making it look dull and old. You’ll have a hard time looking for a market in case you decide on an upgrade if the unfavorable happens. So go to the nearest car-wash shop near you or buy yourself a car-wash liquid if you want it DIY. Don’t forget to clean up your car’s interior as well by using the best car vacuum cleaner. Tidiness is most appreciated when it is all-inclusive.

There you have it! This probably has burst more bubbles than you have expected. Share this useful information and tips on car maintenance myths with your friends. It’s time for you to do the bursting, leaving no trace of messed-up truths in your social circle.

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