Can You Refurbish Your Old Internal Doors or Buying New Ones Is Better

Some internal doors can be refurbished. The question is, would you really want to? Doors are notoriously difficult to paint. Some doors, such as hollow doors and fire doors can’t be stripped down. There are only so many times a door can be stripped before it is compromised. Internal Doors UK can save a lot of hassle with a wide variety of doors available to suit all tastes.

To Paint A Door

There’s more to painting a door than taking out a brush and lying down some painters’ plastic. To avoid drips, the door needs to be taken off the frame and laid flat.

This is assuming you have a door that can be stripped. Layers of paint build up over time on the door. People can tell if something has been repainted repeatedly, like wallpapering over wallpaper. It isn’t a good idea to attempt to refurbish a door that can’t be stripped.

For doors that can be stripped prior to painting, they become compromised. A door should provide installation, both against sound and drafts. They can’t do that if they are sanded down repeatedly.

Only one side of the door can be painted at once. It will require at least two coats of paint. If it is a dark colour, a primer needs to be applied first. Each layer of paint requires drying time.

This is made more complicated by glazing. If paint lands on glass, it is additional hassle and time to remove it without smudging the layer of paint.

If the home has a lot of doors, interest can soon be lost. Refurbishing doors is one of the most complicated and time-consuming DIY tasks.

Ready To Hang Doors

New doors are one of the easiest ways to upgrade a home. It can completely alter the atmosphere near instantly.


Internal doors need to match. You’d eventually get around to refurbishing all the doors. Upgrading with new doors can be done in one weekend. Sooner, if the home doesn’t have many doorframes.

If refurbishing, you might get through one or two doors per weekend. It depends on how much space you have to lay doors flat. Outside can’t be used. The weather is unreliable at the best of times. Plus, there are insects. You can’t paint over bugs that become stuck in wet paint. It shows as little bumps on the finish. This leaves months with doors that don’t match, which can create an atmosphere of chaos.

The entire house can be upgraded over one weekend for an instant difference and only a few days of discord.


In the case of doors, recycling is better than upcycling. Not every door can be upcycled. Reducing waste is very important. High quality new doors ensure they won’t need upgrading again for a long time.

It is definitely better to replace old doors rather than attempt a refurbishment. Refurbishing doors plunges a house into chaos for months on end.

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